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Differences between normal buggy and Predator or Polaris buggy

Do you know how the two vehicles differ?

Traveling to Punta Cana is not only synonymous with relaxing on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Touring the jungle of the Dominican Republic by buggy is one of the experiences you can't miss, because thanks to it you can get to know many magical places of the Dominican countryside.

Places like the Indian Springs, the Macao beach or the Taino ranches are waiting for you in a day full of adrenaline and fun. But there are 2 different ways to reach them: in a normal buggy or in a Polaris or Predator. Today we want you to know the differences between these two types of vehicles, so that if you want to make an excursion with us you can choose the option that best suits your tastes.

What is the difference?

Analyzing the differences between normal buggies and Predator buggies is very simple.

First of all, a visual reference will suffice. Polaris or Predator buggies are 1 meter smaller than normal buggies, which means that they gain a lot in mobility.

But the fact that they are smaller does not mean that they have less power. The fact is that the engine of a Polaris buggy has a higher horsepower, which means that we can reach higher speeds.

Normal Buggy

  • Power: 3 pistons.
  • Size: 3 meters.
  • Comfort: 3/5.

Predator / Polaris Buggy

  • Power: 400 hp.
  • Size: 2 meters.
  • Comfort: 5/5.

Why are Predator buggies more comfortable than regular buggies?

Although engine and size are key when choosing a Polaris buggy, the key to its success is comfort.

Getting behind the wheel of this ATV means riding on dirt roads and trails where skidding and speed are the main ingredients. But it also means that, when driving, the rider will come across speed bumps and potholes that will meet the buggy's wheels.

Predator buggies have much more efficient damping. This means that our body does not suffer the consequences of impacts, especially in the back area, which is the area that usually suffers the most in this type of activity.

Buggies Polaris

How many seats do the regular buggies and Predator or Polaris have?

We have buggies of all sizes and seats. The normal buggies as well as the Predator or Polaris have a two-seater or four-seater configuration.

The double option is perfect if we want to enjoy more speed and much more adventure when driving through the jungle roads of the Dominican Republic.

The quad is much more interesting if we are looking for a family option for a much quieter ride. Of course, you can also step on the accelerator to raise the pulse rate of all passengers.

It is worth remembering that the double buggies can also be used individually, being a perfect option if we travel in a group and each of the components wants to feel the adrenaline of getting behind the controls of a Predator buggy.

What is the price difference between one and the other?

If getting behind the wheel of a Polaris buggy is not the same as driving a normal one, this is reflected in the price of the excursion.

Normal buggies can be driven from $35, while if we want to enjoy an enhanced experience with a Predator we can do it from $68.

Still, we are sure it will be worth it, especially if you require a higher dose of adrenaline for your vacation in the Dominican Republic. In addition, the price not only includes the chance to drive an off-road vehicle, but you can also live other experiences that we propose below.

What is included in the buggy excursion?

The buggy excursion through the Dominican jungle is more than adrenaline, mud and mud.

First of all, we will pick you up at your hotel and take you to a Taino ranch, where you will get to know the way of life in the Dominican countryside.

There you will get into your Predator or regular buggy for the first time, depending on the option you have chosen. Once you receive the instructions from our professional guides, the tour begins, with the first stop at the incredible Macao Beach.

There you will be able to ride along its fine white sand at full speed. And there is no need to worry, since Macao is one of the most common destinations for our buggy tours. As if that were not enough, you should know that you will be driving on a beach that in 2022 was awarded the Travellers Choice Best of the Best award, which places Macau as one of the best in the world.

From there we will drive through the vegetation to the cocoa, coffee and tobacco plantations, where the best raw materials of the Dominican Republic are harvested. There you will learn how these products are transformed into chocolate or ground coffee, walking within the walls of a real factory.

Finally, nothing better than driving with our buggy to a place where nature reaches its maximum splendor. The place we are talking about is the Indian Springs. There, in the middle of the Dominican jungle, you can bathe in the turquoise waters of an authentic cenote. The natural pool emerges from a nearby cave, a landscape that looks like paradise itself.

The approximate duration of this itinerary is usually 4 hours, although the schedules can be adapted to your preferences. The activity usually takes place early in the morning, so that you can spend the afternoon and evening where you want.

Diferencias entre buggies

Recommendations for the buggy excursion

Riding a buggy is not easy. You have to be very careful driving an ATV. But we are sure that thanks to our expert guides you will be able to do this activity in complete safety.

The best days to do this activity are rainy days, since wet and muddy roads are much more fun when it comes to skidding and putting our buggy at full speed. In addition, the dust in suspension is completely eliminated, which is pleasant when we get behind the wheel.

There are some recommendations on what items you should bring on this excursion with us:

  • A bandana, to prevent sweat from getting in your eyes mixed with dust during the activity.
  • Sunglasses, so that the dust in suspension does not enter your eyes directly.
  • Swimming suit and towel, in case you want to take a refreshing swim in the Indian Springs.
  • Sunscreen, in case it is a sunny day during the excursion.
  • Mosquito bite protector, as these animals can be very annoying at the stops.
  • Cash, in case you want to buy some products in the tobacco, coffee and cocoa factories.

How can I make a reservation?

Our buggy catalog offers both the normal option and the Predator or Polaris. Feel the thrill of getting behind the controls of one of them is something you can not miss if you visit Punta Cana.

To make a reservation, you can do it from our website, and with just a few clicks start to feel the adrenaline of this incredible activity, we are waiting for you!

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