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What currency can I pay with in Punta Cana?

Currencies accepted in the Dominican Republic

If you're planning a trip to Punta Cana, you're probably anxious to get there and enjoy the excursions, restaurants and services offered by the resort where you're staying. You'll also want to take home some souvenirs to remember your vacation, which will surely lead you to a common question: What currencies are accepted in the Dominican Republic?

Can I pay in U.S. dollars or euros, or do I have to exchange them for local currency, and are cards accepted in stores?

Read on for answers to these questions, and some tips on how to pay safely with both cash and credit cards.

Is it advisable to change money into Dominican pesos in the country of origin?

The first thing you should know is that in Punta Cana you can pay in euros (€), dollars ($) or Dominican pesos (DOP) which is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. So you can carry cash for payments in gift stores, when taking a cab at the airport or for lunches and dinners.

Whichever country you are planning to travel from, you can certainly change your currency into Dominican pesos. Do you want to do it this way, and have the money when you arrive in Punta Cana? Our recommendation is that you don't do it, because as the exchange rate is, it is not in your interest to go with Dominican bills from your country. It would be better to take dollars or euros and once in Punta Cana change them at your convenience.

In Punta Cana accept credit cards?

Another option, which many travelers prefer, is to make payments by card and not think about whether to exchange bills for cash. It's possible?

In the hotels you can make card payments without any problem, so if you want to book excursions or pay for meals not included, there is no problem. Although out of these it can be quite risky to use this means of payment.

In other places it is better to pay in the currency of your choice and not by card, as is the case with beach shops, for example. In fact, most places do not accept cards and you can only make your payments in cash. The exception may be restaurants, where you can pay for your lunches and dinners with this means of payment.

¿Aceptan tarjeta de crédito en Punta Cana_

Are there ATMs on the streets?

If you run out of cash, don't worry either. In the banks there are ATMs to obtain cash and make your payments in Dominican pesos. So all you have to do is find a bank in Punta Cana and withdraw money with your card.

Keep in mind that there may be commissions for withdrawing money from your bank abroad, although they will be indicated to you before accepting the operation so that you can decide if you are interested or prefer to wait.

Tips for making secure payments in the Dominican Republic

Now that you know the currency with which you can pay in Punta Cana, pay attention to a few tips so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and that your economy is not a problem:

  • If you want cash, in addition to going to an ATM you can change Dominican pesos online. There are several sites that offer you this possibility, and they send the money to your home in a couple of days, at a much more interesting rate than at the airport.
  • Keep in mind that if you pay in € or $, the same currency conversion is made. In other words, if something costs 50 dollars, it will cost you 50 euros. In this sense, assess which of the currency you are interested in carrying so that you do not lose money.
  • It is important that you calculate what you are going to spend, at least approximately. Think not only about the excursions, gifts and others, but also about the exit taxes, which you have to pay in cash and for the exact amount before checking in your luggage.
  • It is much better that you book excursions online, instead of at the hotel. The prices are quite a bit cheaper than if you book when you arrive.
  • Dominicans prefer payment in dollars, even euros, rather than Dominican pesos. If you like to haggle, in the stores you will have more opportunity if you tell them that you are going to pay them with these bills.
Consejos para realizar pagos seguros en República Dominicana
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