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Boca Chica Beach

The most important in the capital Santo Domingo

When you come to visit the Dominican Republic, there are several places you can't miss. One of them, of course, is Santo Domingo, the capital, and if you want to enjoy the beach, the closest one is Boca Chica Beach, just 30 kilometers east of Santo Domingo.

This beach is a tropical paradise that welcomes visitors with fine sand, shady palm trees and crystal-clear water, making it an ideal destination for sunbathing, enjoying leisure activities and discovering the fascinating local cuisine. For these and other reasons, it is normal that Boca Chica beach is one of the most popular destinations in Santo Domingo, competing in fame with other beaches such as those of Punta Cana.

Do you want to discover all the secrets of this corner? Well, keep reading because here we are going to tell them to you.

Characteristics of Boca Chica beach

Boca Chica is a public beach with a length of one and a half kilometers that stands out mainly for its white sandy shore and turquoise water that invites you to swim and relax under the tropical sun. In addition, you can find several shaded areas, such as the numerous palm trees that offer natural shade or umbrellas and sun loungers that you can rent to relax during the day.

Something that characterizes this beach is its family atmosphere, which makes it a good place to go as a couple, with children or with your group of friends. The water is quite shallow, so it is safe to let the little ones go into the sea while keeping an eye on them, of course.

Being so close to Santo Domingo, it is considered the most important beach in the capital, and being surrounded by a coral reef, the sensation it generates is that of swimming in a gigantic natural pool.

Opposite the coast is Matica, an area where many exotic birds nest. This small island in the Bay of San Andres is accessible by swimming, so it can be an interesting expedition to discover the natural wealth provided by the mangroves and have a panoramic view of the beach from a new angle.

Regarding the climate of the area, all year round you can enjoy tropical temperatures, between 25 and 32 degrees. From April onwards there can be rain until December, but even during those months the weather is quite pleasant.


The beach and its surroundings offer all kinds of proposals to enjoy. It doesn't matter what kind of tourist you are, whether you just want to spend a full day in the Caribbean sun or you prefer something more.

Restaurants and beach bars

Tourists can enjoy a lot of restaurants and bars in Boca Chica beach, where you can taste all kinds of dishes, from fast food to typical dishes of the local gastronomy such as fresh fish and seafood. All along the beach you will see shacks that serve fried fish, restaurants that place their tables in front of the sea, and where you can feel the sand of the beach on your feet, or street vendors that bring these dishes to the place where you are, so you don't have to move.

If you want to taste authentic Dominican cuisine, don't miss the fried fish with tostones or the grilled seafood.


Boca Chica beach has a full range of entertainment for the whole family, from live music to organized activities of various kinds. You can also find areas where you can organize special events, such as weddings and parties. Many brides and grooms not only choose this area for their honeymoon, but also to celebrate their wedding and take a photo shoot with the beach at sunset as a backdrop.

The entertainment offer is usually mainly in the hotels near the beach, although you can also find activities on the beach and in other establishments. Surely while you take a walk you can find entertainment, both during the day and at nightfall.


As usual when it comes to a beach, Boca Chica is a paradise for water sports lovers. Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the sea offers an unforgettable experience, and in the coral reef you can enjoy activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling, discovering the richness of the seabed and the fauna that inhabits it.

On the shore you can also practice sports such as beach volleyball, where official tournaments are held on the white sand of this place.
Sailing tournaments are also organized, and sailboats can be rented to practice this sport.

Other sports activities you can enjoy are paddle surfing or underwater photography, especially in the coral reef near Matica.

Tips and recommendations to visit Boca Chica beach

These tips will help you enjoy your visit to the most important beach in the capital Santo Domingo even more:

  • If you want to avoid crowds, choose to come during the week or in low season. On weekends, many locals and tourists come to sunbathe and enjoy the calm waters of Boca Chica, so it is easier to find many people in the area.
  • It is very important that you use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, above 30 (50 is ideal, especially if you have not sunbathed before). Also, wearing a cap or hat will protect your head from UV radiation, especially if you walk on the beach or are exposed to the sun. Keep in mind that the Caribbean sun is quite intense, and many times your skin will not be ready to withstand it without protection.
  • Regarding clothing, make sure it is cool and comfortable for mobility. And of course, don't forget to bring a swimsuit or bikini if you plan to go into the sea or lie down to tan your skin.
  • Respect the environment. Make sure you leave the beach in good condition, with no trash or debris around. To help you with this, you will find garbage cans and garbage cans around the area where you can deposit what you can't or don't want to take with you.
  • You may wonder if you need to use insect repellent. If you are only going to be on the beach, you will not need it because the presence of mosquitoes is very low, not to say that there are none in this area. If you are going to walk through some vegetation or you are going into the forest, it is not a bad idea to have an insect repellent on hand just in case.
  • At sunset, it is highly recommended to take a walk along the wooden piers that go into the sea, and from the edge of these contemplate the sunset, a spectacular image that will be engraved in your memory.
  • When night falls you can continue enjoying the beach having a mojito in one of the beach bars in front of the sea. It can also be a good time to taste the local gastronomy in one of the restaurants that offer countless dishes.

How to get there?

The location of Boca Chica beach is, as we said at the beginning, 30 kilometers from Santo Domingo in an easterly direction. Here is a map where you can see where and how to get to the location if you want to organize your trip.

From the capital there are buses that go to the beach every day, although we recommend the private transport service so you can get to the beach whenever you want and not have to be aware of schedules, or to visit Boca Chica beach from other parts of the Dominican Republic.

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