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Choco National Park and Caves of Cabarete

A very important cave for the country

If you enjoy natural beauty and history, the Dominican Republic has many more places than you can imagine to experience it. One of them is Choco National Park and the Cabarete Caves, a tropical paradise where you can discover trails that lead into majestic forests, perfect for hiking and adventure.

Choco National Park is home to a wide variety of vegetation, both wild and cultivated, taking advantage of the richness of the soil. Cocoa, coffee, and medicinal plant plantations find an idyllic place to grow here, and by using traditional methods, biodiversity is preserved. You will be able to observe a wide variety of bird species, some of them endemic, and other specimens of the fauna that inhabit these tropical forests.

Cabarete Caves: one of the most important underground caverns in the Dominican Republic

One of the main attractions of this National Park are the spectacular Cabarete Caves, a network of underground caverns that date back thousands of years. Inside, you can find stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over centuries.

These caves are also home to various species, including bats, which take refuge inside and have a perfect habitat.

There are several caves in what is known as Cabarete Caves, some of them very famous, such as the Crystal Cave, which has a very deep natural pool, deep enough to practice diving and explore its depths. There is also the Frog Cave, named after a type of frog known as calcalí, whose croaking echoes throughout the cave. Both of these and 3 others (Taína Cave, Voodoo Cave, and the Pool) can be visited and lead to various tunnels and chambers. Some even house cave paintings, a sign that the Taínos were inside while living in this area.

Local guides

To make the most of your visit to Choco National Park and the Cabarete Caves, it is recommended to have a guide who knows the area and can take you to the most interesting places. In addition, a local guide knows the local fauna and flora, as well as the lesser-known corners where it is easier to find them because there are fewer people and the animals often seek to get away from curious eyes.

Activities you can do in the park

The list of activities you can enjoy in this paradise is extensive. Thanks to the tropical climate, temperatures invite you to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Some of them are:

  • Hiking along the many paths that cross the park, perfect for discovering the area's vast diversity.
  • Biking routes. If you want to pedal on a mountain bike, this corner of the Dominican Republic is ideal for doing so. The routes are very varied, and there are many difficulty levels so you can find one that suits you.
  • Diving and swimming in the refreshing waters of the park's lagoons and rivers. Perfect for relaxing after spending several hours exploring one of the caves or walking through the forests.
  • Visiting cocoa and coffee plantations, where in addition to seeing how these crops develop, you can learn about the production process and even taste them in their purest form.

Conservation and sustainability

Choco National Park and the Cabarete Caves involve a great effort to conserve the ecosystem in the Dominican Republic. When you visit this place, you will be contributing to maintaining and protecting this unique environment, supporting the region's sustainable tourism.

Tips for going

Before embarking on this incredible adventure, make sure to follow some practical recommendations:

  • If you plan to explore the caves, wear a helmet to protect your head. You may accidentally hit a stalactite, and it is always important to cover up to avoid damage.
  • Caves are areas where the lack of light is evident, so you will need a flashlight to illuminate the path as you move through the galleries and tunnels.
  • Bring a good insect repellent to keep mosquitoes and other insects, common in humid areas with a tropical climate, from biting you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear that allows you freedom of movement while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Apply high-factor sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher. Keep in mind that you may be exposed to the sun for long periods, and UV rays can cause damage if you do not protect yourself adequately.
  • Equip your backpack with provisions for the day, such as water to stay hydrated and food to replenish your energy during the hike.
  • Pay attention to the guide and do not stray from the group with whom you are enjoying the visit. Safety is crucial, and they can show you the best paths to take.
  • Respect nature and take care of the environment. It is essential to leave everything as you found it, not cause any damage, and not litter anywhere.

How much is the entrance fee?

The entrance fee for Choco National Park and the Cabarete Caves varies depending on the tour you want to take and the services you want to include. The general rate is $20 per person, although there may be variations depending on various factors. It is best to consult with us so we can tell you the price of the entrance for the park excursion.

How to get there?

The entrance to Choco National Park is just over a kilometer from the center of Cabarete, and from there you can walk to the Cabarete Caves and the numerous routes located in the heart of the park. On this map, you can see the exact location so you can plan your visit from wherever you are.

With our transportation service, you can travel at your own pace and move comfortably.

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