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Las Terrenas beach: the most beautiful beaches of Samaná

Enjoy the best unspoiled beaches of the island

Many people who come to the Dominican Republic dream of dreamy beaches and resorts in places like Punta Cana and La Romana. And these places are really worth it, but today we want you to know all about another charming area on the island.

To the north of the country's peninsula, the town of Las Terrenas has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Samana peninsula, so let's discover them!

What are the most important beaches in Las Terrenas?

Although there are many options in terms of beaches in Las Terrenas, we wanted to make a list of the 5 that we believe will surprise you the most.


6 kilometers west of Las Terrenas, our first visit will be to the beautiful beach of Cosón.

Considered one of the most spectacular beaches of Samaná, Cosón is 6 kilometers long, perfect for strolling on the fine yellow sand found on these Caribbean beaches. The most interesting point of a walk along the beach is Punta Bonita, a large expanse of sand that connects the Cosón and Playa Bonita to the east.

Undoubtedly, one of the main strengths of this beach is that it has different leisure offers. The main one is water sports, such as kitesurfing, bodyboarding and surfing. The beach has a constant swell that favors this type of activities.

Playa cosón samaná

Las Ballenas

Our next beach destination is located on Caamaño Deño Francisco Street. We are talking about Las Ballenas beach, known mainly for its coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling.

At this point you can also practice one of the most famous scuba diving dives in Samaná, the Cuevitas, where the marine fauna of the Caribbean is shown in all its splendor. Diving is done through small tunnels and is suitable for beginners, making it one of the most popular activities in Las Ballenas.

In addition, in this area we find a sailing school where we can take our first steps in this water sport.

Las ballenas beach

Punta Popy

Yes, we know you're sick of water sports and just want to relax. Although surfing is also possible here, Punta Popy beach offers a much quieter side for tourists who want to enjoy the Dominican calm.

On its western side, the calm waters are perfect for a relaxing swim or a short swim. It is also highly recommended to go to this beach at sunset, as this is where the most beautiful sunsets of Las Terrenas take place.

The strong point of Punta Popy is its offer of bars and restaurants, where we can taste fish and seafood from the area, which are the most exquisite of the local cuisine.

To lighten up after a hearty lunch, nothing better than a walk among the huge palm trees that seem to be invading the beach, as the jungle seems to be about to merge with the sea at Punta Popy beach.

Punta popy beach

El Portillo

We moved 10 kilometers west of Las Terrenas to enjoy one of the calmest and most famous beaches of Las Terrenas. Tourist area of hotels and resorts, the public beach of El Portillo is the one that offers a more family atmosphere, so it is perfect to visit with children.

In its beach bars we can enjoy excellent delicacies brought directly from the Caribbean, and then move to the sun loungers, smear ourselves with suntan lotion and calmly observe the turquoise waters in which, if we feel like it, we can take a swim.

el portillo las terrenas


We were missing a little bit of wild nature in this list. But don't worry, we welcome you to the beautiful Morón beach.

Located 40 minutes away from Las Terrenas, this beach offers that bit of adventure for the more adventurous, as the beach is not surrounded by resorts or large buildings.

Let's say it's like arriving in paradise, with crystal clear water, waves that kiss the shore and jungle that remains behind our backs when we look face to face with the sea. For photography lovers, this beach is the perfect place to capture images that show the most natural side of the Dominican Republic.

moron beach las terrenas

What else to do near Las Terrenas

So that you don't run out of things to do in Las Terrenas, we want to propose one of the most impressive activities in the northern part of the Dominican Republic. We are talking about an excursion to watch humpback whales that gather every year in the bay of Samaná. It is perfect to do with family or even with friends, since you will also visit the famous Bacardi Island.

How to get there?

The location of Las Terrenas on the map is in the north of the Dominican Republic, in the region of Samaná. The gateway to this province is usually the Presidente Juan Bosch International Airport, just half an hour's drive from Las Terrenas.

If you are in any other part of the island and want to move to this area, it is best to hire private transportation, the best way to travel the distances of the Dominican Republic.