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Best excursions in Punta Cana for groups

Activities to enjoy with friends and family

Punta Cana is one of those vacation destinations that catches everyone's attention. Located in the easternmost area of the Dominican Republic, it is undoubtedly the perfect place to have fun with family and friends.

Its beautiful beaches are bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and its leisure offer is completely oriented to tourism and fun. Its year-round summer weather and crystal-clear turquoise waters are what attracts people from all over the world looking for a place to relax during their vacations.

In addition, some of the most fun activities are located in close proximity to the resort area. Whether it's riding the waves on a jet ski or enjoying the music on a Party Boat, we assure you that your experience on the "Coconut Coast" (as many people call it) will not disappoint.

If you are traveling with friends or family and you want to enjoy a fun day, you will love these activities and experiences. Because Punta Cana is much more than just lying on the beach and ordering mojitos (which is also very nice...).

Top 5 excursions to do with your group in Punta Cana

If you are organizing a trip with your group of friends or your family for your next vacation, you are in luck. In this article we are going to show you some ideas of excursions and tours that you can do in Punta Cana so you can live the experience to the fullest.

Interested? Then take a look at the proposed activities.


ZipLine is a great idea to admire the Dominican landscape from the heights.

This activity takes place in Anamuya, very close to the resort and hotel area of Punta Cana. This Dominican region is characterized by its fauna and flora, so, from the heights, you will contemplate spectacular landscapes that will remain engraved in your retina forever. 

The canopy (as it is also called) is a perfect excursion to release all our accumulated adrenaline, since we will be flying over the jungle of Anamuya

It is, without a doubt, an ideal activity to do in a group.

You can book the excursion here.

zipline con amigos y familiares

Coco Bongo

Many people travel to Punta Cana for a different purpose. Rather than relaxing on its beaches or exploring its sites, they are looking to dance and have a good time in the many nightclubs in this region.

If you're interested in partying, Coco Bongo is your ideal excursion. Located in the heart of Punta Cana, this disco has become an emblem of nightlife. Locals and, especially, tourists enjoy the shows that the establishment offers every night. Acrobatics, music, light shows, theme nights and dances of all kinds await you at Coco Bongo, are you going to miss it?

If your answer is no, the link to make a reservation is this.

coco bongo con amigos

Party Boat

Another fantastic idea to have fun partying with your friends or family and at the same time socialize and meet people is to book a Party Boat.

Imagine: you and your family on a boat, the music takes over your body and you are already a bachata artist, doesn't it sound like the perfect planning during your visit to Punta Cana?

This excursion is undoubtedly one of the main group activities booked in Punta Cana. The reason is that you will spend the whole day enjoying the Dominican climate on a catamaran surrounded by people who are looking for the same fun as you.

What are you waiting for to prepare your swimsuit and book this tour with us? You can do it from this link.

Party Boat with friends

Jet Ski

If you want to enjoy your vacation in a group, why not rent a jet ski? They are fun, allow you to enjoy the Caribbean waters in a different way and explore places you could not reach otherwise.

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are spectacular and the weather is fantastic. Of course, some people will prefer to relax on the shore while getting their feet wet, but for speed lovers, this plan falls short.

Jet Ski tours are very popular in the country, as you will discover fantastic places at full speed: natural pools, keys, "secret" beaches, mangroves,.... Undoubtedly, it is an incredible experience.

This activity takes place in Sabana de la Mar and you can book it here.

Jet Ski with friends

Hacienda Park

Finally, we could not fail to mention the great adventure park of Punta Cana: Hacienda Park. This complex offers a multi-activity concept where you can enjoy many experiences in the same day.

Everything you can think of is at Hacienda Park. What do you feel like? Driving buggies on a safe route through the jungle? Trying out a zip line that reaches 70 kilometers per hour and allows you to slide for more than 2 kilometers? Plummeting down a hair-raising quick jump of up to 20 meters? Or maybe you prefer the chairlifts to be able to contemplate the jungle and the many sugar cane plantations in the area in a more relaxed way?

Either way, this park will satisfy all your desires. It also offers horseback riding through the coffee plantations with a specialized guide (for which you don't need to know how to ride), a buffet where you can taste the flavors of the country and the sparkle of Dominican cuisine. They even have their own safari!

At Hacienda Park we are sure you will enjoy an unforgettable day with your family or friends.

To book this tour, we leave you the following link.

La Hacienda park excursion

These are just some of the excursions and activities that can be done in the area, but there is no doubt that there are many more things to do in Punta Cana. Did you like our suggestions?

If you think there are other plans or better ideas to do as a group in Punta Cana, send us an email and we will be happy to add it.

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