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Jet Ski in Dominican Republic

Are you ready to cross the waters of the Caribbean Sea at full speed? Adrenaline is the main component of this activity that starts at your hotel in Punta Cana.

Thanks to our professional guides, you can tour the beaches and keys of the coast of Sabana de la Mar, one of the most pristine in the Dominican Republic.

Forget about having to depend on other people to move around the open sea. You will get behind the wheel of some of the fastest Jet Skis in the country, feeling the speed over the waves.

In addition, you will visit places that can only be accessed from the sea. The incredible keys of La Bocaina and San Esteban, surrounded by mangroves that you can enjoy exclusively.

Or the natural pool near Miches, where you will feel the calm in the midst of the frenetic acceleration of the Jet Ski. Finally, nothing better than visiting the beach of El Moño, one of the most unspoiled in the area, where you will be practically alone to feel in true paradise.

All this in the middle of Samaná Bay, one of the most relevant natural phenomena of the Dominican Republic. Do you dare to know everything about a Jet Ski?

Why shouldn't you miss this activity?

The chance to ride a Jet Ski doesn't come along every day. And what better than doing it for the first time in the waters of the Dominican Republic.

Away from the big tourist areas of the country, the town of Sabana de la Mar is the starting point to one of the most beautiful coasts of the island.

It is for its mangrove vegetation, which grows over the sea in one of the most curious ways that nature offers. Among the mangroves, we find small virgin beaches that often will be there exclusively for you.

Another reason not to miss this activity is the possibility of sailing with a Jet Ski. If it is the first time you do it, thanks to the professional guides you will be able to learn how this method of transportation works very quickly. Learning to do something from scratch is really fascinating!

👉 From $235

Duration of excursion: 5:30h

Departure time: Depends on the hotel

Hotel pick up

Monday to Sunday

Minimum 4 people per reservation

Itinerary of the Jet Ski activity

  • 08:00 – Pick up from the hotels to Sabana de la Mar, where our Jet Ski adventure will start.
  • 10:00 – Arrival at Sabana de la Mar, our professional guides will be in charge of giving the proper instructions to start the activity.
  • 10:30 – Beginning of the tour, where we will visit the following places:
    • We arrive at our first stop which is La Bocaina Key, where you can enjoy a truly unique mangrove landscape.
    • Then we will visit San Esteban Key, another impressive place.
    • Arrival at the natural pool of Miches, where you will get off the Jet Ski to enjoy its calm waters where you can interact with the famous starfish.
    • Visit to El Moño beach, a Virgen spot that you will have all to yourself.
    • Return to Sabana de la Mar, from where we will take you back to your hotel.
  • 12:30 – End of the activity.
  • 14:30 – Arrival at the hotel.

Departure times from the hotels

Pick up times from the different hotels are as follows (depending on the area where you are staying in the Dominican Republic):

Cap Cana, Punta Cana y Cabeza de Toro

08:00 a.m


08:30 a.m

Macao y Uvero Alto

09:00 a.m

* This schedule is approximate. We will contact you to confirm the pick up time at your hotel.

What places will you visit on this tour?

Our Jet Ski tour is a unique experience. During the tour, we will visit the following points.

La Bocaina Key

In La Bocaina Key the sea crosses two mangroves, forming a kind of internal 'river' that you will cross by Jet Ski. Its proximity to the bay of La Gina makes the area very protected, so the waters are always calm for Jet Ski.

Cayo La Bocaina Jet Ski

Esteban Key

Cayo Esteban is our next point on the map. Located very close to La Bocaina key, it stands out for its mangroves, which form an island that you can approach to enjoy the vegetation from the inside.

Miches natural pool

From the keys we move on to the natural pool of Miches, one of the experiences that you will remember from your trip to the Dominican Republic, since the water only covers up to the knees in open sea.

It is a place considered one of the main attractions of the excursion and the perfect place to see one of the best known marine inhabitants of the Caribbean, the starfish.

Piscina natural de miches con estrella de mar

El Moño Beach

El Moño beach is our last location. It is a secluded and quiet beach where you will be surprised not to see any construction. In virgin state, the fine yellow sand blends with the mangrove vegetation that seems to want to invade the beach.

All a point of disconnection to get back on the Jet Ski for our final stretch.

Playa el Moño Jet Ski

What does our Jet Ski excursion include?

In the price of our Jet Ski excursion is included:

  • Transfer to and from your hotel.
  • Insurance.
  • Drinks: water and soft drinks.
  • Professional guides.
  • Life jackets to ensure the safety of travelers.
  • Staff assistance.
  • Visit to the places indicated above.

Children 16 and 17 years old must present an authorization signed by their father ,mother or guardian to drive a Jet Ski, being these the responsible during the activity of the minor.

Between 6 and 15 years old, children may only be accompanied by adults on the Jet Ski during the routes.

Recommendations for our Jet Ski excursion

Although the most important thing is that you bring the desire to spend an incredible day, we also recommend that you come with:

  • Swimwear.
  • Change of clothes for the return to Sabana de la Mar.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • UV protection t-shirt.
  • Towel.
  • Waterproof mosquito spray.
  • Money in cash.

Can you cancel the tour for free?

Yes. You can cancel activities with JackCana for free as long as you do so at least 24 hours in advance. From that date, we will not accept cancellations in the excursions, since our team will have prepared the service with your presence, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment in it.

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