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Restaurants in Punta Cana for tourists

The best Dominican cuisine in this list

The Dominican Republic boasts some of the most outstanding tourist spots in the Caribbean. Places like Samaná, Punta Cana or La Romana attract thousands of people every year, and the leisure and restaurant infrastructure is constantly growing. That is why we find restaurants in Punta Cana that have nothing to envy to the best European and American cuisines. Let's get to know them!

Jellyfish Restaurant

On Bibijagua beach, in the southern part of Bávaro, is the exquisite Jellyfish Restaurant. Its name comes from its architecture, which simulates the shape of a jellyfish. Built in front of the sea in wood and white rock, its color blends perfectly with the white sand that dominates the area. In addition, the restaurant has two floors, both open, giving a feeling of immense amplitude.

We will eat among tall coconut trees dishes that are cooked with local ingredients, as detailed by the restaurant itself on its website. But beyond Dominican food, the menu is dominated by fresh seafood. We also find many dishes of European and American cuisine, in case our palate requires these flavors.

Jellyfish Restaurant specializes in weddings. So now you know, if you are getting married, you have found the perfect place in Punta Cana.

Address: Chicago Street, Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana 23301

Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Phone: 809-552-6110 / 809-551-1451 (WhatsApp available)

Web: www.jellyfishrestaurant.com

Captain Cook Restaurant

Our next restaurant is located just a little further down the beach from Cortecito Beach. Capitán Cook is a place with a relaxed atmosphere on the beachfront. The interior is decorated with seafaring motifs, such as rudders, figures of sea animals and anchors.

This decoration can only mean one thing: Captain Cook specializes in fish and seafood from the Caribbean.

In its menu we find dishes such as spider crab, lobster, jumbo shrimp or the Captain Cook brochette. The house specialty is the paella Doña Amalia, prepared with care to enjoy one of the best rice dishes in Punta Cana.

Address: C / Pedro Mir, El Cortecito, Punta Cana 23000

Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 809-552-0646

Web: www.facebook.com/CapitanCookBavaro/

Soles Chill Out Bar

Soles Chill Out Bar is one of the best alternatives for a relaxed lunch in one of the best restaurants in Punta Cana. Located at the foot of the beach of Los Corales, its name 'chill out' suits it perfectly. We can rest in their hammocks to wait for a delicious cocktail to be served while we take shelter from the sun under an umbrella.

Soles Chill Out has a restaurant specialized in seafood, but, above all, in grilled meats. Although seafood is more appealing on the beach, Soles is a great option if we want to taste the delicious Dominican meat.

At night, Soles becomes a bar where you can enjoy good music in a relaxed atmosphere. On many occasions, the owners of the place, organize special events for a particular reason. These days, the amount of people that gather at Soles Chill Out Bar is impressive.

Address: Los Corales Beach, Bávaro, Punta Cana 23000

Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Phone: +1 809-910-4371

Web: www.facebook.com/solesbar/

Delicias de Bávaro

We continue our route through the best restaurants in Punta Cana, this time inland. Although Delicias de Bávaro is not located on the beachfront, it stands out for its family atmosphere in the middle of Avenida España.

Specializing in Dominican dishes, the star of Delicias de Bávaro is mofongo. This plantain-based food is a must if you visit the Dominican Republic, and in this restaurant you can find up to 28 different types of mofongo.

But the menu is much more extensive: seafood, shrimp in vinaigrette, empanadas, mashed cassava, ceviche and much more. For people who are not used to trying new flavors there are international dishes such as lasagna or hamburgers.

Address: Avenida España Esquina Avenida Francia, Bávaro, Punta Cana.

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00 AM to 11:45 PM

Phone: +1 809-552-1347

Web: www.deliciasdebavaro.com

Huracán Café

We swapped Dominican dishes for Italian food. And no, this is not a trattoria hidden among the buildings of Punta Cana. Huracán café is on the seafront, next to the beach of Los Corales.

We are sure you will love the place. For its loungers on the beach, for its umbrellas and because, after a delicious pasta, you can take a dip in the Caribbean Sea.

Its white wooden structure blends perfectly with the sand ahead. The decoration of the bar is also superb. The atmosphere generated by the architecture of the bar is accompanied by excellent customer service.

Huracán Café specializes in the celebration of wedding events. So this way you are left with another option if you are soon to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Address: Los Corales, Playa Bávaro Los Corales, Bávaro, Punta Cana 23000.

Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Phone: +1 809-552-1046

Restaurante Comoma

We return to the interior of Bávaro to discover another restaurant famous for its magnificent local gastronomy. Inexpensive dishes that bring out the best of the products harvested in the Dominican fields.

All this in a very familiar atmosphere, where we can truly see what a local restaurant is like. Comoma has a 24-hour service, so we can go at night to have cocktails and dance until the wee hours of the morning. Or have breakfast inside early in the morning and watch a spectacular sunrise.

Address: Av. España 64, Punta Cana 23000

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: +1 809-552-0324

Web: www.facebook.com/Comoma-Restaurant/

La Cúpula del Trueno

Dining tapas in the Dominican Republic? Yes, at La Cúpula del Trueno it is possible. This bar is named after the movie Mad Max and its Spanish title: Mad Max: más allá de la cúpula del trueno.

There you can find Iberian ham, tortilla de patatas, patatas bravas and many more Spanish dishes to taste.

Many nights, the place has live music, so it is a perfect option to spend a dreamy evening. They also have international beers that we can drink to take that bitter taste on the palate.

Address: Av. Alemania s/n, Plaza Coral Village Local 109, Bávaro, Punta Cana 23000

Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 05:00 PM to 00:00 AM

Phone: +1 829-701-5112

Web: www.facebook.com/La- Cúpula-del-Trueno/

Buffet Bohío Dominicano

We visit the first buffet on our list of best restaurants in Punta Cana. And we do it with a very special one.

Buffet Bohío Dominicano is located at the Barceló Bávaro Palace, near El Cortecito beach. Being part of a hotel, both the customer service and the service are wonderful.

Best of all, we can eat whatever we want. Both typical dishes of the Dominican Republic and international meals that do not leave any customer indifferent.

We can also have lunch in the hammocks by the pool, further rounding out this relaxing experience.

Address: Playa Bavaro km 1 no 1, Bávaro, Punta Cana 03177

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 PM to 22:00 PM

Phone: +1 809-505-8090

Platanitos Restaurant Punta Cana

In the heart of Bávaro village we can go to one of the trendiest restaurants. Platanitos is a Dominican-style wooden hut with a thatched roof, where the visit is more than just eating.

Enjoying the full Platanitos experience means enjoying a unique atmosphere. We can liven it up with cocktails of all flavors.

Their specialty is mofongo. They claim to have the best in all of the Dominican Republic. But that's for you to judge. They also have an extensive menu of seafood and very tasty grilled meats.

Address: Plaza Latino, Barceló Av. km 2, Punta Cana 23000

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 AM to 22:00 PM

Phone: +1 829-918-3773

Web: platanitos-restaurant-punta-cana.business.site

Onno's Bávaro

We end our list of the best restaurants in Punta Cana with one of the most outstanding. Onno's is not just one restaurant, but several. The chain has a presence in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Bayahibe and Altos de Chavón.

But the one we are interested in is the one in Bávaro. Here you can eat next to the beach in a totally relaxed atmosphere. At Onno's you can try different types of street food on their menu: from tacos to pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers and much more.

If you want something more elaborate, nothing better than going to their main course menu. Churrasco, chicken milanesa, shrimp tempura or Caribbean shrimp to complete a scandalous dinner.

Onno's is located on the beach, very close to another of the components of our list, Captain Cook. With its wooden structure, at night it becomes a bar, where with a cocktail in hand we can dance to the rhythm of the music.

Address: C. Pedro Mir, Punta Cana 23000

Hours: Monday to Friday from 03:00 PM to 00:00 AM. Saturdays and Sundays from 02:00 PM to 00:00 AM.

Phone: +1 809-552-0376

Web: onnosdr.com

How to get to the best restaurants in Punta Cana?

To get to the best restaurants in Punta Cana, it is best to contact us to book a private transportation in Punta Cana.

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