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Catalina Island Yacht Tour

Explore Catalina Island by yacht: Exclusivity and Caribbean Charm

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  • Tour Catalina island yacht
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  • Tour Catalina island yacht
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Catalina Island Yacht Excursion

Discover the magic of Catalina Island, a hidden gem in the heart of the Caribbean. In the east of the Dominican Republic, just a few kilometers from La Romana, this place offers white sand beaches, palm trees and jungles that stand out for their natural beauty. The full day tour to Catalina Island is a private excursion aboard a yacht of 15 meters long and 8 meters wide to enjoy all its charms.

Catalina is distinguished by its spectacular scenery, which has made it a highlight of the Eastern National Park. The tranquility of its virgin beaches, its coral reefs and many other details make tourists classify the experience as one of the best for those seeking an authentic adventure.

This premium tour offers you the opportunity to visit the three main beaches of the island. Especially the west beach, where tropical fish and starfish coexist among corals, and whose crystal clear waters make them visible to the naked eye. Catalina Island is a dream place where spending a whole day always tastes like a little.

Reasons to book a private yacht excursion to Catalina Island

With more than 300 species of birds and half a thousand plants, many of them native, Catalina Island is one of the most biodiverse destinations in the Dominican Republic. During the trip, in addition to enjoying the party on the yacht enlivened by the entertainment team, the captain and all the staff, you may even see dolphins and manatees a few meters away.

Diving and snorkeling are at their best on Catalina Island, as the coastline is lined with coral reefs, perfect for discovering the magical world of marine life.

The private excursion with party on the yacht is one of the most popular with clients, many of whom ask for reservations when preparing new adventures. A luxury experience where history, culture and music merge with crystal clear waters, white sand and snorkeling activities.

Duration of excursion: 10 hours

Departure time: 08:00 a.m.

Hotel pick-up

Every day in the morning

Tour itinerary

This is the itinerary we will follow on our excursion to Catalina Island by yacht:

  • 8:30h - Pick up from the villa, hotel or tourist accommodation where you are staying.
  • 9:30h - Arrival at the port of La Romana, where the yacht awaits for boarding.
  • 9:45h - Short talk explaining the safety instructions necessary to undertake the adventure properly.
  • 10:00h - Departure from the port of La Romana to Catalina Island, while the staff will serve snacks and drinks at the bar to welcome you.
  • 11:00h - Arrival at the first stop of the adventure on Catalina Island, where you will snorkel and observe the life on the seabed. Then, we will head to the next point of the itinerary, our exclusive beach in Catalina Island to enjoy the environment, such as the palm trees and the sand of this virgin corner, observe the flora and fauna of the place. All the staff, both the guides and the entertainment team, will be available at all times to attend to any needs you may have on this premium tour.
  • 13:35h - Typical Dominican lunch, where we will serve traditional dishes that showcase the history and culture of the Dominican Republic, with flavors that you will remember for a long time. After lunch we will continue to enjoy the full day tour in Catalina Island, relaxing under the palm trees, swimming in the pristine beaches or dancing in the sand.
  • 15:30h - We board the yacht again to continue enjoying the adventure and music as we return to the home port.
  • 17:00h - Arrival in La Romana and disembarkation after a memorable day of adventure.
  • 18:00h - End of the private excursion.

*These schedules are approximate and may experience some changes depending on sailing conditions, weather, etc.

Map of the route we will take during the tour

In the image below you can see the map with the places that we will approach in the excursion to Catalina Island by yacht:

What to bring to enjoy the excursion?

Our captain and the staff on board will make sure that everything is ready to enjoy this adventure, although there are some things that we recommend to bring to live a very rewarding experience:

  • A cap or hat to cover your head, especially when exposed to the sun in the central hours of the day.
  • Sunglasses to prevent radiation from damaging your eyes.
  • A swimsuit to enjoy water activities or sunbathing on the sand.
  • Bath towel.
  • Sandals to walk on the seabed without inconveniences.
  • Camera to capture the scenery and highlights of the adventure.
  • Protective sunscreen for your skin, with a high SPF.
  • Cash to buy souvenirs in the stores near the port of La Romana.

What is included in the Catalina Island yacht tour?

The reservation of this excursion includes the following products and services:

  • Transfer from the place of lodging to La Romana, port of embarkation to Catalina Island.
  • Traditional lunch with typical dishes of Dominican cuisine.
  • Round trip by yacht to Catalina Island.
  • Water and soft drinks for hydration during the trip.
  • Snacks of nachos with salsa.
  • Fruit.

Is lobster on the menu?

This is a question asked by many clients, and in principle it is not included in the typical Dominican lunch. However, it can be ordered as an additional dish to enjoy the luxury of this freshly caught product from the nearby beaches. Check prices and availability before booking, as depending on the time of year it may not be possible to serve this delicacy.

Characteristics of the vessel

  • Maximum capacity of the yacht: 20 people.
  • Yacht size: 15 meters long and 8 meters wide.
  • Air conditioning.
  • 2 bathrooms.
  • 3 cabins.
  • 2 Volvo engines.

Is there a free cancellation of the activity?

Yes, you can cancel your tour free of charge 24 hours in advance. After that time, you will not be able to cancel the reservation, since our team will have everything organized to guarantee you the highest quality in the tour.

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