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Excursion packs in Punta Cana

Combos and excursion packages at the best price

Excursion packages in Punta Cana

Jackcana Tours excursion packs are a set of activities designed for our clients where they can save more money without having to book multiple times. By booking our tour packages you will always have access to all the best benefits that we offer as a tour operator.

What are excursion combo packs?

These packages are 2 excursions in 1, which means that in a single day you can do two activities. We know that time is money and you want to enjoy the maximum time on your excursions, so we have thought that this type of tours may interest you and then relax on the beach of your hotel or accommodation.

The combo is made for half-day activities where our clients will enjoy to the fullest during their stay on our beautiful Caribbean island.

How much can you save on hiring the excursion packs with us?

As we have explained, by booking our excursion packages you can save from 10% to 20% off. Booking a joint excursion with our tour operator will help you save more money than booking individually.

Jackcana Tours is always thinking about your needs and looking for the best discounts to do endless of the best excursions on our island at a very affordable price.

Are the two excursions of the pack done on the same day?

When choosing our excursion packages you are also free to choose the days you want to do your tours. After confirming the reservation, our team will contact you to help you choose the days you want to do the tours.

Remember, the Jackcana Tours team will always be at your disposal to make your stays more fun.

What excursion packages do you offer as tour operators in Punta Cana?

Jackcana Tours offers a wide variety of excursion packages. We offer packages of two, three and even four excursions. It depends on how many tours you would be willing to do during your vacation on our island.