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Anacaona Falls

A magical waterfall in Sajoma

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a magical place hidden among the mountains, where nature has created a spectacle of unparalleled beauty?
A place where crystal clear water falls from a great height, forming a majestic waterfall, framed by lush tropical vegetation?

Such a place exists. It is called Anacaona Falls, and it is a hidden gem in San José de las Matas, in the province of Santiago, in the Dominican Republic.

Anacaona Falls is not just another waterfall. It is a clear example of the fascinating natural beauty that this region of the Caribbean has to offer. At an impressive 100 meters high, this waterfall has become one of the most attractive ecotourism destinations in the area, astounding both first-time and repeat travelers. Want to know what makes it so special? Read on and find out why!

A dream scenario

Legend has it that Anacaona was a very beautiful and cultured Taino princess. Her name means Golden Flower, and the waterfall that today is named after her was revered as a gift from the gods several centuries ago. Today, the name Anacaona is remembered as much for the legend of this princess as for the beauty of the waterfall.

The Anacaona Waterfall dazzles with its imposing fall of crystalline waters surrounded by vegetation. Details that make this place a visual spectacle that will take your breath away. The waterfall is fed by other small waterfalls that run along the Inoa River, and the waters reach a huge natural pool, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in addition to watching the scenery.

When you visit this magical waterfall you will be immersed in a unique natural experience, an authentic landscape for flora and fauna enthusiasts. You will embark on an adventure full of unspoiled nature, lush vegetation, crystal clear waters and, of course, the majestic waterfall that is the great protagonist of the place.

Get ready to discover this unique spot, feel the water gushing on your skin and immerse yourself in the pool that forms at the end of the Anacaona Waterfall. Are you ready to unveil all the secrets hidden in this waterfall?

Tips for visiting Anacaona Falls

Before beginning the adventure of exploring this unique waterfall, it is important to follow some tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Proper footwear. Keep in mind that the trail can be wet and slippery, so it is essential that you wear good hiking shoes that have good grip.
  • Comfortable clothing. The climate in the Dominican Republic is hot, so wear cool, light clothing that allows you freedom of movement. And don't forget your bathing suit to enjoy a delicious dip in the natural pool at the foot of the waterfall.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Be sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen on your skin to prevent the intense sun from causing you any damage. Especially during the central hours of the day, the rays can be quite dangerous.
  • Bring insect repellent. The lush native flora is home to countless species, including many insects. Be sure to bring a good repellent to avoid mosquito and other bites.
  • Be sure to hydrate well. During your adventure you will need to drink frequently, and you won't find any watering holes in the area. Bring enough water to maintain good hydration.
  • A small first aid kit. Even if you are very careful, you may still have an incident during the trip. Carrying a small first aid kit with band-aids, some disinfectant and bandages will help you in this situation.
  • Backpack. A sturdy backpack will allow you to carry everything comfortably.

How to get to Anacaona Falls?

The Anacaona waterfall belongs to the town of San José de las Matas, Santiago. To get there you can follow the road that borders the Inoa River, entering a natural environment with a breathtaking beauty.

Need help getting to Anacaona Falls? Check the location map below. You can use our private transportation, a safe and reliable service with which you can reach this area without any problems.

When you arrive, you will be able to see for yourself that Anacaona Waterfall is more than just a waterfall. It is a magical place where you can connect with nature, in an environment of singular beauty.

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