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La Jalda Waterfall

One of the highest waterfalls in the Caribbean

Are you a nature and adventure lover? In this case, you can't miss a visit to La Jalda Waterfall, one of the most impressive corners of the Dominican Republic. This waterfall is one of the highest in the Caribbean, and offers a spectacle of wild beauty that will leave you speechless.

Join us for a tour through a spectacle of tropical tourism where you can find a true paradise. A corner of great natural beauty perfect for lovers of adventure and ecotourism.

A spectacular waterfall

The La Jalda waterfall is located in Miches, inside a national park, and its 120 meters make it the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic, and one of the highest, if not the highest, in the entire Caribbean.

This waterfall is composed of two streams of crystalline water that cross the central mountain range, and its access is somewhat complicated, so it is somewhat unknown by many travelers, and even some of the inhabitants of the surrounding area do not know it either, despite being a true natural jewel.

This area has a large amount of water, and in the surrounding area there are also waterfalls, although smaller than La Jalda.

The adventure at La Jalda waterfall

To get to La Jalda Waterfall you have to enter a wooded area and walk along a humid path that is surrounded by vegetation, trees and tropical birds such as the palm cigua, which is the national bird, the guaraguao or the red-legged partridge. This environment is spectacular, and as you walk through it you will feel in the middle of nature, crossing the course of the Magua River on several occasions.

The road to La Jalda Waterfall is very close to Los Haitises National Park, one of the main tourist attractions of the Dominican Republic.

If you want to enjoy the sun and wildlife in the surroundings, you can bathe in the crystal clear water pool that forms at the foot of the waterfall. A unique and attractive experience for tourists who want to experience more than just a day at the beach.

If you are a born adventurer, you can also enjoy the waterfall in its maximum splendor by taking a tour along the river to reach the base of the waterfall. You will surely feel in touch with nature, and you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the waterfall from a unique perspective.

The excursion to La Jalda Waterfall can be done in several ways. Of course, you can prepare your sneakers and follow one of the hiking trails that run through the central mountain range from nearby towns, stopping to observe the wildlife and taking all the pictures you want to immortalize the best moments of the trip.

You can also get to the jump on horseback, in an organized excursion to enjoy the ride on the back of a mount, passing through bridges and trails full of vegetation and nature. Contact us for more information about this adventure.

Another way to visit La Jalda Waterfall is to descend by helicopter from the mountain to the source of the river and the waterfall. The experience is also very curious, and you can ask us about the trip in this means of transportation.

In any case, the arrival at this waterfall is well worth dedicating a few hours of your agenda to live this spectacular experience.

Recommendations and tips for visiting the La Jalda waterfall

If you decide to go on this excursion and want to enjoy your visit to La Jalda Waterfall to the fullest, we recommend you follow some useful tips:

  • Wear comfortable and light clothing that is suitable for walking in a tropical and humid environment and provides freedom of movement. It is also interesting that it is waterproof clothing or that you can get it wet, since water is sure to touch you.
  • Footwear should be sturdy and protect your foot when walking on trails and steep areas. Make sure that it does not cause injury and move around, which can lead to injury if you twist your ankle. You should also keep in mind that the trail may have puddles and muddy areas due to the area it runs through, so choose footwear that is suitable for this.
  • Do not forget to include in your backpack insect repellent, sunscreen and a hat or cap to protect you from the sun. The climate is tropical, and the environment is humid, so the sun can be quite intense and cause sunburn if you are not careful.
  • If you plan to go swimming, you will also need a swimsuit and a towel for each of the tourists in the group.
  • Learn about the flora and fauna of the place so that you can get to know everything around you during the trip.
  • Bring water to hydrate yourself during the tour. It is also a good idea to bring some food to replenish your energy along the way.
  • If you want to do the excursion on horseback or by helicopter, call us for more information and to book your adventure.
  • Remember that La Jalda Waterfall is in a natural environment, so you must take care and respect the environment, not leave any garbage and keep everything as you found it.

How to access this waterfall?

The La Jalda waterfall is located in the area of Miches, very close to Los Haitises National Park and the Magua River, in the province of El Seibo. Due to the nature of the terrain, the location of the place runs through a complicated road, so we recommend that you hire our transportation service to get to one of the trails that lead to the waterfall.

In this map, you can see better the location of this natural paradise:

Don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the main tourist attractions of the Dominican Republic and live an unforgettable experience in contact with nature.

Remember that you can book this tour with JackCana Tours at this link.

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