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Esmerald beach

An unspoiled paradise hidden in the Dominican Republic

In Dominican Republic we have excellent areas to enjoy the Caribbean waters. Places like Punta Cana or La Romana are usually destinations where we can enjoy a relaxing vacation in front of the sea.

However, if we are looking for even more tranquility, we can discover the hidden gems found all along the coast of the island. One of them is Esmerald beach, an unspoiled paradise far from the tourist areas, perfect for getting away from it all. It is not as famous as other Dominican beaches, but we are sure that if you dare to visit it, you will be amazed.

Get to know Esmerald Beach

Welcome to Emerald Beach. There are few words to describe how beautiful this beach with crystal clear water and fine yellow sand is.

Characterized by being a completely wild beach, the first thing that will catch our attention is that we will hardly find any artificial elements around it. Only palm trees and coconut trees that seem to also want to get into the water, and that make up the unique landscape that only nature is capable of creating.

It is a quiet and public beach that, fortunately, few people know about, and is far from the crowds of other well-known beaches near tourist places such as Punta Cana.

It is located on the coastal strip that goes from the mouth of the Jovero River to the Caño Celedonia, which has other beaches in its more than ten kilometers of extension.

Restaurants near Esmerald beach

As we have already mentioned, the tourist infrastructure surrounding Esmerald beach is practically nonexistent. That is why if we want to go to try the local gastronomy based on fish and seafood we must go outside Esmerald beach.

The closest restaurants and beach bars to Esmerald beach are located in the town of Miches or around Round Mountain. That is why it can be a very good alternative to spend the morning in Round Mountain, have lunch and then enjoy the afternoon in Esmerald beach.

What is the usual sea conditions in Esmerald beach?

The climate of Esmerald beach goes hand in hand with that of the whole country, being tropical and with high temperatures and sunshine throughout the year.

The sea in this area is usually calm, as the westward orientation of the beach protects it from the open sea. Even so, waves may be present on the beach for a few months of the year.

Playa esmeralda mar

What to do in Esmerald beach?

Esmerald beach can have many forms of leisure. And it is a perfect place to visit with children, friends or as a couple. The family atmosphere of the place is perfect for relaxation, and lying with your towel on the sand to enjoy the sun's rays is a must.

Remember that the beach is virgin, and on its shore you will not find sun loungers or other elements. Even so, leisure will not be lacking in this place, since the amount of activities that we can do in Esmerald beach is incredible.

One of them can be swimming in the crystal clear waters of the beach. With little current, it is a perfect beach for swimming.

Snorkeling is also a must, and even more so during the season when the Tinglar turtles arrive at the beach.

We can also go a little into the jungle behind us, and walk among coconut and palm trees enjoying the vegetation.

Photography is also a good activity to do in Esmerald beach, since the place lends itself to take impressive snapshots. As it faces west, sunset photos can be one of the best memories you will take of the Dominican Republic.

Take the opportunity to visit Round Mountain

Very close to Esmerald beach, and on the way if we go to it from Punta Cana, is Round mountain.

This is another of the most popular tourist attractions in the municipality of Miches, and a perfect stop before going to Esmerald beach.

The good thing is that it hardly costs any effort, since in safari-type trucks you can access the top of the mountain, which rises over 300 meters.

The top of Rounded mountain is a perfect place to watch the sunrise, or to take some pictures in the hammocks that are arranged at this point. In addition, the environment surrounding the mountain is privileged, being able to enjoy the surrounding lagoons, the Caribbean Sea and the Dominican countryside.

Montaña redonda miches

Tips and recommendations to go to this beach

If you are going to go to Esmerald beach, there are a couple of recommendations you should follow:

  • Wear suntan lotion and sunscreen to avoid the sun's rays.
  • Wear a hat or cap and sunglasses.
  • Bring a towel and swimwear.
  • Bring a change of clothes.
  • Bring mosquito repellent, especially if you are going to stay until sunset.

Another very important tip is to know how much time you are going to spend in Esmerald beach. This depends on whether you should bring food on your own, because if you are going to spend the whole day you will not find restaurants nearby, as we mentioned before.

You should also know that there are no lifeguard posts on the beach, so you have to be very respectful with the sea so that there is no accident. If the sea is in bad condition, it is best not to enter.

How to get to Esmerald beach?

The location of this paradisiacal beach on the map is the province of Seibo, northeast of the island. Esmerald beach is located facing the Samana peninsula, in the municipality of Miches.

To get there it is best to use private transportation, as it is quite difficult to get there by public transport.

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