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Frontón beach: ideal for disconnecting

An ideal virgin landscape to enjoy a sunny day in the Caribbean

If you want to enjoy a day of sun and beach on your visit to Punta Cana, Frontón Beach is undoubtedly one of the most recommended options to do so. Ideal for lying on the sand and swimming in its crystal-clear water, this paradise is perfect for enjoying family leisure, tasting the local gastronomy among friends and taking a great souvenir in the form of a photograph.

Frontón beach is very famous, although it keeps intact its essence of virgin landscape, so it is perfect if you are looking for a place to relax. It is accessed by boat or motorboat from Las Galeras, in a crossing that leaves you on the shore, or walking along a footpath that lasts much longer, but offers stunning views of the surroundings.

The beach has white sand surrounded by palm trees that make it even more beautiful, and a cliff 91 meters high that stretches along the coast. An ideal space for lovers of climbing, as well as snorkeling in a turquoise sea full of sea urchins. In fact, it is a very popular place to observe the marine life that inhabit these crystalline waters.

Frontón beach is one of the most famous places in the Dominican Republic because it has been the setting for television. The international series Survivor, a reality series that has since been replicated in other countries, chose this setting for its beauty and the mysterious caves found here.

A beach without crowds

Best of all, it is a destination that does not have crowded problems, which maintains its virgin aspect. There are no facilities or services, but it is part of its charm because it is a quiet place to enjoy nature throughout the day. If you want to enjoy the local gastronomy, such as shellfish caught on the day, you can find some restaurants not too far from the beach.

Also a few kilometers from Frontón beach is the Boca del Diablo, an impressive natural attraction that leaves no one indifferent who visits it and dares to climb. Both the sounds and the images that are produced in this place also make it an interesting attraction, as well as finding spectacular views of the surroundings.

Going back to Frontón beach, which is the place we want to highlight this time, we can say that it is quite a popular place to spend a sunny day and relax in the shade of one of the palm trees on the beach and the cool breeze that blows from the sea. If what you are looking for is to spend a day soaking up the tropical sun, this is undoubtedly one of the best options you can find.

Tips and recommendations to go to the Frontón beach

If you want to enjoy your visit to Frontón beach to the fullest, keep in mind some recommendations and tips when spending a day at the beach.

  • Take a suntan lotion with sunscreen. Especially if you have not been exposed to the sun for a long time, it is essential that you take care of your skin to prevent the rays from causing damage. It is also important to wear protective clothing and accessories.
  • Make sure you hydrate well. Bring enough water to avoid dehydration and drink from time to time, even if you are not thirsty. If you come to the beach with children, have them drink often to keep them hydrated, because they are the least aware of it, especially when they are playing in the sand.
  • Take care of the environment. Keep in mind that you are going to spend the day on a virgin beach, where nature must be well preserved. Therefore, avoid leaving waste there, collect all the garbage you generate and avoid causing damage to the flora and fauna you will encounter.
  • Follow the safety instructions. Although Frontón beach is a quiet place as a general rule, it is important that you pay attention to warning signs and safety instructions that may be given when you are on the beach.
  • Be careful when entering and exiting the water to enjoy swimming. And don't stray too far from the shore if all you're going to do is swim. If you are snorkeling, be sure to follow safety guidelines for proper diving.
  • Respect the space of others. Although this is a virgin beach and you won't find crowds, there will surely be other visitors enjoying their day. Don't forget this, and make sure that everyone enjoys it as much as you do, without disturbing anyone.
  • Make the most of the day. Take advantage of the good temperature and the tropical climate. Enjoy the sun, sand and water to take a great souvenir of your visit to this area.

How to get?

On this map you can find the location of Frontón beach and organize your visit to spend a wonderful day. Depending on your location, the trip lasts longer or shorter, as does the means of transportation you choose.

From Punta Cana you can reserve a car that will take you to Las Galeras, and continue walking along the path that leads to the beach or board a boat that will take you to the shore.

You can also get to Frontón beach by car following the road to Samaná if you prefer to go faster and make better use of the time you are going to spend.

In any case, the best way to organize your sunny day on the Caribbean sand is to hire our private transportation service, with which you can go to the most hidden corners of the Dominican Republic, like this famous beach that we have told you about. here.

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