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Gri Gri Lagoon

An unforgettable experience very close to Puerto Plata

Gri Gri Lagoon is one of the best kept secrets of the Dominican Republic. Very close to Sosúa and Puerto Plata, in the town of San Juan, this lagoon is a real natural treasure. Its crystalline waters, spectacular surroundings and impressive fauna and flora make this corner a destination not to be missed.

This lagoon is known for being one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the country, and among its abundant flora stands out the tree that gives it its name, the Gri Gri, which is very common in the area. All this makes visiting it an unforgettable adventure in contact with nature.

A recently created natural setting

In addition, this lagoon is a clear example that nature continues to work, because before 1958 in this area there was only one spring that was connected by a stream to the sea. At that time an earthquake occurred on the island, which caused the groundwater to rise and give rise to this fascinating natural jewel. When you know the story, you get the feeling that Mother Nature had the whim to do something impressive in this place, and she certainly succeeded. Today, Gri Gri Lagoon is one of the main tourist attractions in the municipality of Río San Juan.

This fascinating natural environment is surrounded by a mangrove forest, which separates it from the beaches of Los Minos and Los Muertos. Inside this forest is the Bird Sanctuary, where thousands of native birds have found their home, giving color and life to this place.

The lagoon also has several canals that connect it to the sea, which many take advantage of for fishing. In addition, they are good places to observe the fauna and flora of the area. Those looking for a place to disconnect and get away from the routine find in the lagoon a corner where nature shows its purest face.

Activities you can enjoy in the Gri Gri Lagoon

If you dare to visit this place, you will be surprised by the variety of activities you can do. For example, if you like birds, we have already talked about the sanctuary where thousands of birds have their home. Even if you are lucky, you can find some species that are very rare and that only inhabit this corner of the planet.

You can also make a stop at the Swallow cave, a place with a certain mystery where these birds build their nests and lay their eggs every year. Seeing hundreds of swallows flying inside the cave and listening to them sing is an extraordinary experience for wildlife lovers.

If what you like is to take a refreshing swim, the natural pools that form the lagoon are a good place. And if you prefer the beach, you can take a short boat trip to the stunning Caletón beach, where you will enjoy a great day of sunbathing on the sand.

Speaking of boat trips, the canals that run under the forest are also a good activity, especially for those who want to spend some quiet time observing everything around them.

If you prefer a more adventurous activity, you will love walking along one of the trails that surround the lagoon. Listening to the sound of the water and observing the natural wealth is an activity in itself, as well as a great way to disconnect.

Recommendations for visiting Gri Gri Lagoon

Here are some recommendations to make the most of your visit to Gri Gri Lagoon:

  • Bring mosquito repellent. Although the lagoon is not plagued by these insects, it is always good to take precautions and carry repellent to avoid their annoying bites.
  • Wear a cap or hat. On some of the excursions, exposure to the sun can be very intense, so it is advisable to cover your head.
  • Don't forget sunscreen. As with any outdoor activity in the Dominican Republic, protecting your skin from the sun is very important. You should at least use a sunscreen with SPF 30, 50 if you haven't been out in the sun for a while.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. To have freedom of movement and enjoy all the activities, wear comfortable and cool clothes such as shorts, T-shirts and shoes that are resistant but not heavy.
  • Swimming trunks are a must. If you plan to swim in the lagoon or go to the beach, don't forget to bring a swimsuit or bikini to enjoy the experience.
Gri Gri Lagoon sundown in dominican republic

How to get to this place?

The location of the Gri Gri lagoon is in the vicinity of Rio San Juan, less than 100 kilometers from Puerto Plata and even closer to Sosua. In this map you can see which is the best route and organize your trip by booking our private transportation service and getting closer to enjoy the fabulous scenery.

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