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Hoyo Claro, Dominican hidden treasure

A getaway to enjoy Dominican nature

The natural monuments hidden throughout the Dominican Republic are innumerable. One of them is called Hoyo Claro, a place unknown to most tourists, unlike the most visited cenote in the region, Hoyo Azul.

It is easy to access this tourist attraction of crystalline waters from different places in Punta Cana such as Bávaro or Cap Cana following some indications. Let's go there!

What is Hoyo Claro?

Hoyo Claro is a fresh and crystalline water pool located very close to Punta Cana. Although it is such a beautiful place, it is not visited by a large number of tourists. That is why it remains a hidden treasure in the province of La Altagracia.

This place is called Hoyo Claro Natural Monument. The lagoon is located among the meadows surrounding Punta Cana. Even so, the site is well hidden, because around these wetlands grows ample vegetation associated with tropical forests.

The ecosystem is completed by the fish that can be found in the crystal clear water, which we can see from the outside without any difficulty. If we want to see them more closely, all we need is a pair of diving goggles.

The natural landscape becomes more spectacular thanks to a large trunk located right in the middle of Hoyo Claro, which seems to divide this natural pool into two of equal dimensions. The bottom of the hole are stones of different sizes that have been in the deepest part for many years.

It is also important to know that it is called Hoyo Claro for a reason. The 'clear' is for its clean waters, and the 'hole' for its depth. For people who are not expert swimmers, the best thing to do is to wear a life jacket.

How to get to Hoyo Claro?

To get to Hoyo Claro from Punta Cana it is best to use private transportation, like the one we offer you in this link.

The shuttle will drop you off exactly at a point on the Coral Highway, which then continues in the direction of places like Santo Domingo or Higüey.

The exit leading to Hoyo Claro is difficult to see, which is why we recommend that you book a local transportation method that knows how to take you there.

Afterwards, you will have to take a 30-minute hike to the Hoyo Claro Natural Monument. Once there, the only thing left to do is to enjoy this beautiful place.

How much does it cost to access this natural monument?

Sightseeing in Hoyo Claro is not free. This is because it is a Natural Monument located on private land.

However, if you are interested in this excursion, you can make your reservation through JackCana Tours, where we offer a tour that includes transportation and a guide so you can enjoy the best of this natural place.

To make a reservation, you can do it through our Hoyo Claro excursion page.

Tips to go to Hoyo Claro

The Hoyo Claro Natural Monument activity is considered an ecotourism activity. Therefore, the first advice we want to give you is to leave the place as it was, taking all the garbage you have generated.

There are also other recommendations that you should follow:

  • Carry plenty of mosquito repellent. These insects are usually present in cenotes like this one.
  • Sunscreen in case it is a sunny day.
  • Swimming clothes and towel to dive into the crystal clear waters of Hoyo Claro.
  • Change of clothes for the return trip.
  • Plenty of water and food if we want to spend the whole day in Hoyo Claro.

We hope this small guide about Hoyo Claro will inspire you to visit this beautiful place near Punta Cana.

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