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Rincón beach: one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic

A paradise unknown to many

If we take a look at the list of the best beaches in the world for their beauty, we can find the paradisiacal Rincón Beach, whose white sand subtly embraces a bay with turquoise water. An idyllic picture that is reinforced with coconut trees that dot the entire beach, and has become a must see tourist area for those who come to Punta Cana.

It is very close to Las Galeras, and is one of the most visited spots in the province of Samaná. Its gulf shape makes the central part of the beach offer calm waters, perfect for swimming.

The tropical climate invites you to spend a few hours on sun loungers watching the calm sea, a magical place from which you can go to see humpback whales in a unique Caribbean experience. In addition, there is a perfect space to snorkel and get beautiful pictures of coral reefs, swim among turtles and enjoy other water sports in this paradise.

Other areas of Rincón Beach are perfect for activities such as sailing or windsurfing, and many other excursions await you in this paradisiacal place.

Actually, when we talk about Rincón Beach we are not talking about just one beach, since the 3 kilometer route is formed by 7 beaches joined together, ideal for a long walk, looking for areas with more or less waves and enjoying the succulent local gastronomy, such as delicious lobster, seafood and fresh fish collected from the sea a few hours ago.

The fertile plain where the Caño Frio River flows into at sunset offers a landscape that is hard to explain. It is also a good place to take a stroll along the riverbank and walk through the fabulous mangrove forest through which it flows. The best thing to do is to get close and take a picture to take home this beautiful souvenir.

If you want to see all the excursions you can enjoy on your visit to Rincón Beach, contact us and we will tell you all we can offer you.

Tips and recommendations for going to the beach

You can approach Rincón Beach on horseback, by car (walking the last stretch) or from the sea in a boat. In any case, be sure to pay attention to some tips to enjoy the relaxation, adventure and mangrove landscape offered by this jewel of the Dominican Republic.

Here are some tips and recommendations to enjoy Rincón Beach to the fullest:

  • Be very careful with the sun, and make sure to carry sun tan lotion with protection in your bag. This way, you will get a beautiful tan without endangering your health. And if you're going to lie on the beach, look for shady spots to stay out of the sun's harmful rays, especially during the hottest hours of the day. It is also advisable to wear sunglasses and a hat or cap to protect you from the rays.
  • Don't forget your camera, or your cell phone with camera, to capture the wonderful images that you will see in these fabulous beaches and their surroundings. And if you plan to do any water sport such as snorkeling, it is not superfluous to take a camera that allows you to take underwater pictures.
    Take care of the environment. Rincón Beach is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic (and the world), partly because it is a natural paradise. That implies that visitors who spend a few hours enjoying it should be aware that it should be well cared for. Do not litter or leave anything out of place. This way, those who come after you will be able to enjoy the same beauty as you.
  • The best days to visit Rincón Beach are during the week, since they allow you to enjoy the tranquility of the place to the maximum. On weekends and holidays it is common to meet families from Las Galeras and other nearby towns who come to spend a day at the beach. It's fine if you want to experience the traditional atmosphere of the authentic Caribbean, but if you prefer to relax a little walking on the beach or lounging on sun loungers, better avoid those days.
  • Eating at Rincón Beach. If you want to spend a full day in this corner of the Dominican Republic, you will definitely want to eat something. At the north and south ends you can find small wooden restaurants serving lobster, seafood and fresh grilled fish, which you can accompany with the traditional piña colada or coco loco, a cocktail served in freshly cut coconuts and considered the national drink of this part of the Caribbean. If you prefer something non alcoholic, you can order some juice or a smoothie. You may also see some locals selling typical food along the beaches, such as delicious coconut bread. You can grab a quick bite without leaving the beach, although it is best to go to the stalls where the food is served. It's up to you.

How to get there?

This paradisiacal beach is located about 300 kilometers from Santo Domingo, and 400 kilometers by road from Punta Cana. A somewhat long journey, which can be shortened by traveling by boat if you are staying in Punta Cana and want to enjoy this fabulous excursion. The trip can be a little bumpy because the wind raises the waves, although it can be an experience with a touch of adventure.

In the town of Las Galeras there are excursions every day because it is very close to Rincón Beach, some of them on horseback, which crosses the mountains along the coast, observing the flora and listening to the sounds made by the birds that stay in this paradise.

In the map we show you here you can see the location of Rincón Beach, and see how to get there from the place where you are staying.

If you want to get closer to enjoy these paradisiacal beaches, you can hire our transportation service and move around the island at your own pace. Contact us and we will inform you about how to book it.

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