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How much money to take to Punta Cana?

Tips so you don't run out of money on your holidays

If you are going to go on vacation to the Dominican Republic, it is very likely that you have informed yourself about visas, accommodation, excursions and restaurants. You will have looked at the requirements to take the plane at the airport and you will have organized your leisure agenda so as not to miss out on anything you want to enjoy.

There is also a question that usually arises: how much money to take to Punta Cana? What currencies are accepted there to pay for gift and souvenir purchases? How much are the different services that can be used apart from the all inclusive? Here we are going to tell you.

How much money can you spend if you book your vacation in an all-inclusive hotel?

If you stay on an all-inclusive basis and decide not to leave the facilities, it is clear that you will spend much less than if you plan to do many things apart from accommodation.

Therefore, the amount of money you can spend on your trip to Punta Cana will depend on what you want to do beyond the hotel reservation and flights.

Prices of services in Punta Cana

If you want to fully enjoy your vacation in the Dominican Republic, you will most likely want to go from one place to another and discover its corners. How much money do you have to bring for that? It will depend on the type of service you choose.

Excursions and tours

The amount of money you will need will depend on how many tours you book. You also have to take into account the type of excursion you choose, because a short getaway to a nearby place is not the same as a more distant or longer adventure.

Some of the most popular excursions on our page can help you get an idea of how much money to bring to Punta Cana for these services.
For example, if you come to visit the city of Santo Domingo, the entire trip costs 80 dollars ($) per person. Getting to know Isla Saona and the town of Mano Juan cost $135 per person, while going for a ride on buggies starts at $40. As you can see, it depends on the type of excursion and the activities you choose on the tours.

Excursiones y tours punta cana


Punta Cana has a complete leisure and restaurant offer. You can enjoy endless nights in one of its nightclubs, dine in a traditional restaurant or experience the excitement of international sports in one of the sports bars here. How much does it cost to do it?

Dining in a restaurant has a price that can range from 6 or 7 $ per person in the cheapest option, to 30 in an evening for two seated in a good restaurant. It will depend on the type of food you choose, of course. Eating a hamburger is not the same as ordering a good plate of fresh seafood, although the experience of doing so in Punta Cana is just as spectacular.

In many clubs the entrance is free, in some it is for clients of the hotel where they are and in others the prices vary depending on the fame and the place where they are. To this you have to add the cost of drinks, which usually start at $5, and some have drinks included with the ticket.


If you want to move around Punta Cana on your own, you can choose several means of transport such as bus, taxi or rental car. Prices vary depending on the distance or the medium you choose, obviously.

For example, getting on a guagua or bus has a price of around 0.75 $/€ for trips within the town. On the other hand, if you want to travel from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo in this way, the tickets will cost you about 7-8 $/€ per person.

An hour in a taxi usually costs around 5 $/€, depending on where you are going and the kilometers you cover during the journey. The best thing is that you ask before going up so that you know what it will cost you.

Transporte punta cana

What currencies are accepted in the Dominican Republic?

You can pay in dollars, euros and Dominican pesos. If you want more information about this, we explain it in more detail in the article "With what currency can I pay in Punta Cana?", which you can access to find out everything.

Are tips mandatory in hotels?

Whether you stay in an all-inclusive hotel or if you choose another type of accommodation, tips are not an obligation, although the employees will appreciate that you have these details with them to reward their work. Keep in mind that the salary of the workers in these places is not high, and that they often work hard to make the guests very comfortable in the hope that they will give them a tip.

In summary, if you are wondering how much money to bring to Punta Cana to fully enjoy your vacation, calculate what you want to do and check the average prices to get an idea. And do not forget to bring back a souvenir, because you will surely want to have it.

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