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How to avoid mosquito bites in Punta Cana?

Avoid those uncomfortable bites

Punta Cana is paradise. In the middle of the Caribbean, with dream beaches and a tropical landscape dominated by the jungle, everything seems rosy. But this is not 100% true, because every place in the world has its pros and cons.

In the Dominican Republic there is the danger that mosquitoes can bite you at night, since the humid climate helps their proliferation. That is why today we want to give you some tips that will help you avoid mosquito bites in Punta Cana and have a dream vacation.

At what time of the day do mosquitoes act?

Mosquitoes can bite you all day long, but it is true that they are much more active at night. The humidity of the environment added to the attractive lights of the resorts and the amount of carbon dioxide that we generate when we sleep, this last one of the main reasons, make mosquitoes feel attracted at night to our rooms.

Types of mosquitoes

In the Dominican Republic there are 59 different species of mosquitoes. Our allergy to this species is normal, but we will still try to know the 3 most common ones, since information is power.

Anopheles albimanus

This species, discovered by biologist Wiedemman in the Dominican Republic in 1820, is widespread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Their habitat is fresh water, so they can be found around resort pools.


It is the most common mosquito in many parts of the world, and also in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic. It is one of the main transmitters of diseases, but there is no need to be afraid of it in this part of the world, since the probability of contracting any of them is very low.


This species is commonly known as waders in many parts of the Americas, as it grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Their main characteristic is that they have black and white bands on their body. Their bite is very annoying but not dangerous.

Recommendations and tips

Peace of mind. After getting to know these little insects, you don't have to be afraid of them, much less let them ruin your vacation in Punta Cana. If you follow these recommendations and tips you will not have any problems with mosquitoes.

consejos para los mosquitos en el Caribe

Mosquito repellent

The main ally of every visitor to the Dominican Republic is repellent. Whether in the form of a spray, ultrasound, wipes or any other method, always carry one in your suitcase.

A very good option to protect babies is to use a wristband repellent, since it covers a very large area that will protect the youngest members of the family.

AfterBite ointment

If the bites have been unavoidable and your body is full of redness, the best thing to do is to use an ointment to relieve the swollen areas.

There are different formats that you can apply, either in cream, spray or even a kind of stick in the style of lip balm.


If you suffer a lot with your allergy, it is best to always carry an antihistamine in your suitcase that can get you out of trouble. In case you have forgotten it, you can also go to any pharmacy in the Dominican Republic. They usually have all kinds of medicines.

Do not scratch

Everyone tells us this, and there is a reason. Scratching only causes more pain in the areas of the bites, and it is something that both adults and children do, and we should not.

In addition, insisting on an area can lead to infection, so it is best to desist and try to apply a remedy to the bite.

Home remedies

Whether it's because you don't have anything on hand that can relieve the itching you feel or because you don't want to leave your accommodation, we want to give you some home remedies that you can make with foods that you will always have on hand in your hotel or resort.

tips para picaduras mosquitos en el caribe


This all-natural remedy is based on the effect that lemon oil has on the bites. To carry it out we must extract the lemon juice, dilute it in a small stream of water and soak a cotton ball in the mixture. Then apply it little by little on the bites.

It is not correct to apply the lemon juice directly, since without being diluted it can cause harmful effects on the skin.


Another very effective natural disinfectant is vinegar, especially when you have already scratched a lot and the wound is bigger. To soothe and heal the affected area, apply a few drops of vinegar.

Another way to do it is to soak a cloth in cold water and vinegar and pass it over the bites.


Although it is true that alcohol cures all pains, this time the ice will not go to our mojito, but to the bites. Ice has been used for years for various muscle and bone trauma, so it is also a good ally against swelling caused by mosquito bites.

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