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Punta cana, with friends or with a partner?

The Caribbean, better with your love or with friends?

As if they were the angel and the devil whispering in your ear from over your shoulder, on the one hand, you have your partner telling you that you have to stop spending so much time at the bar with your friends, while your colleagues think you have been missing since you got a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And now, who do I want to travel to Punta with? Going to the Dominican Republic is undoubtedly a unique experience either with friends or with your partner, so let's analyze these two possibilities to know what has to be your final decision.

Travel with friends to Punta Cana

Our friends. What a lot of laughs we have had with them, and how we would like to replicate that situation in a paradisiacal place like the Dominican Caribbean. So let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of visiting Punta Cana with your friends.

Viajar a punta cana con amigos

Advantages (Pros)

  • Losing your sense of the ridiculous: you are on the other side of the world, with your single friends who, frankly, are crazy. Nobody knows you, so losing your sense of the ridiculous will make unrepeatable situations happen, which will become anecdotes that you will tell sitting at the bar when you return home.
  • Greater freedom to make impromptu plans: in Punta Cana the offers for fun are unlimited. And with your partner we are sure that you will not be able to carry them out, either because you want a more romantic plan or because you feel like being locked up in the hotel room all day doing you-know-what. With your friends you have all the freedom possible to do the activities that you could never do at your place of residence.
  • Every day is a new adventure: honestly, you are not in the Dominican Republic just to get to know a new culture. The parties in Punta Cana are some of the best in the world, and every day will bring you something new. You won't know where you'll wake up or where you'll sleep, whether it's in a nightclub or aboard a private party on a catamaran.

Disadvantages (Cons)

  • Vacations can be long: with friends you will laugh a lot, but there always comes a time when you miss your family or partner. This situation will become more difficult especially in the last days of the trip.

  • Explanations when returning home: prepare all your arsenal of excuses and lies for when you return home with your love. It is clear that in Punta Cana you are going to spend some unforgettable days with your colleagues, which hopefully will be forgettable so that you don't have to explain them to your partner when you return.

What to see and what to do?

After weighing the good and the bad, we want you to see the amount of activities and experiences you have at your disposal to do with your friends. These are, without a doubt, the best excursions to do with a group of friends in Punta Cana.


Your friends may think you're a disaster behind the wheel, but there's nothing better than trying it out for yourself. Rent an excursion with several two-seater buggies and make the engines roar to tour some of the most impressive places in Punta Cana, such as Macao Beach or the Manantiales Indígenas.

Party Boat

If already a party on land is usually out of hand, imagine a catamaran with all drinks included for you and your friends. In addition, there is the possibility to do this tour for singles and meet new people. You will explain everything to your partner back home.


And if you still have some adrenaline left to unload, the best thing to do is to book an excursion with your colleagues to do ZipLine in Anamuya, one of the most impressive natural environments in the Dominican Republic.

Going with your partner to Punta Cana

Well, now that you've seen the macabre side of the experience, let's take a look at the other side. Sharing Punta Cana with your partner can be a unique experience, an early honeymoon.

Punta cana en pareja

Advantages (Pros)

  • Unique experience with the person you love: it is beautiful to be able to share a special date with your partner in a place as unique as Punta Cana. The amount of memories that will remain in your memory will be incredible.
  • You will get to know your partner better: you will spend precious time either at the beach, at your all-inclusive resort or visiting a place. This will help you get to know each other better, which is always a plus.
  • Relax and disconnect: traveling with your partner is synonymous of rest and relaxation, something that you could not do with your friends. Enjoy the best beaches of Punta Cana to disconnect from work and monotony.

Disadvantages (Cons)

  • You will have less fun: it is clear that 2 people who love each other can have a good time, but let's be honest, you will have less fun than with your friends. Whoever says otherwise has never traveled with colleagues to the Caribbean.
  • Any situation can be a discussion: by spending more time with your partner you will get to know him or her better, but this doesn't always have to be positive. You may discover things in him or her that you don't like, and you may end up arguing over something silly.

What to see and what to do?

Well, a wedding, of course. Just kidding, you don't need to take that step, although Punta Cana is the perfect place for it. Here are some tours and experiences to do as a couple in Punta Cana.

Santo Domingo

Visiting the capital of the Dominican Republic is the perfect cultural experience to do with your partner. You will see the true face of Santo Domingo, discovering one of the most bustling cities in the Caribbean.


One of the most charming places in the Dominican Republic is Santa Bárbara de Samaná, in the north of the country. There you can observe the humpback whales, which come to this place during their mating season. Let your partner know that you want to have the same experience as the whales.

Saona Island

Being on a Caribbean island paradise is priceless. And there is nothing better than an excursion to the spectacular Saona with your partner to create an unforgettable memory. There you can enjoy the incredible natural pool, with crystal clear turquoise waters that will be the best scenery for both of you.

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