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Miches, the eastern paradise in the Dominican Republic

A mandatory destination for all tourists

Miches, a small and beautiful town located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years. Its natural beauty, dream beaches and impressive landscapes attract visitors from all over the world. However, what makes Miches a special place is not only its natural charm, but also its culture and its people.

This area is a true paradise that has a wide variety of nature and adventure activities, as well as impressive beaches. Do you want to know a little more about Miches? Well, keep reading because we are going to show you this corner of the Caribbean.


The history of Miches is closely linked to the boom in tourism in the Dominican Republic, which began with Punta Cana and its airport, which today has connections with 26 countries that transport millions of travelers to this beautiful place every year.

After establishing itself as a reference destination, Punta Cana began to grow, but also other less crowded places. This is where Miches is, which not only offers fabulous beaches, but also a corner where you can enjoy wildlife and the environment. Its proximity to the bay of Samaná and the simplicity of its inhabitants, dedicated above all to fishing and agriculture, offer a special charm.

Miches has this name in honor of General Eugenio Miches, and before it was called that, the town was called El Jovero. This fishing village is a clear example that tourism can be sustainable and friendly to the environment, combining natural landscapes with the majesty of the emerald beach and adventure in areas like Montaña Redonda.

Some tourism experts have assured that Miches has impressive tourism potential, and that in a few years it could be competing with Punta Cana as the most sought-after destination for lovers of sun and beach vacations. It may be an exaggeration, but the truth is that it is undoubtedly one of the most recommended paradises to visit in the entire Dominican Republic.

Nature and ecotourism activities in Miches

Some of the corners that you cannot miss if you visit Miches are:

  • Saltos de la Jalda National Park. It stands out for preserving a fascinating forest inside, next to the source of the Magua and Las Lisas rivers, as well as impressive waterfalls that are formed when falling down the slopes, natural spas and an extraordinary landscape. There you can see the highest waterfall in the Caribbean (120 meters). This area near Miches is also perfect for bird watching, some of them endemic to the Dominican Republic, and other examples of the region's native fauna.
  • Round Mountain. This peak is a natural viewpoint that provides a 360-degree lookout. From the hammocks and swings you can see the bay of Samaná, the Lagunas el Limón and Laguna Redonda, the town of Miches and El Seibo. In addition, there is a project to enjoy adventure activities by launching yourself on a zip line through this impressive place.
  • Whale watching. One of the world's humpback whale sanctuaries is Samaná Bay, where these impressive animals come to mate. During the months of January, February and March you can enjoy whale watching in this place, a natural spectacle that you cannot miss if you travel on those dates.
    Emerald Beach. This natural beach is one of the best kept treasures of Miches, where you can practice sports such as snorkeling or diving. Its coral reef, the image that is formed when the sun goes down and the reflection of the moon in the water are some of the most impressive images that you can take home as a souvenir.
  • Baths in natural lakes. Miches has Las Lagunas National Park, where you can find corners such as Lemoon lagoon, which occupies an area of 7 square kilometers, or Round lagoon, which is characterized by being salt water and having a direct connection to the ocean.
  • Hiking trails. Being surrounded by mountains, hills and rivers, you can take one of the hiking trails. Hikes along the Cedro River or the climb to Montaña Redonda are just some of the many options in this area.
  • Golf. In Miches you can also practice or get started in the world of golf, since it has a course in front of the Esmeralda beach, which many players highlight as one of the best courses in which they have taken their shots.
montaña redonda miches


As in other places in the Dominican Republic, in Miches you can taste the delicious typical gastronomy, with traditional dishes that show the influence of Creole cuisine and the traditional recipes of the region. Examples such as the stewed goat, and above all the fresh fish and shellfish cooked almost straight out of the water are quite a spectacle for the palate.

In addition, as it is an area with extensive agricultural plantations, products such as rice, cocoa, and yams are available for sale, and some of these ingredients are also present in Michense gastronomy.

Local crafts

In Miches, in addition to enjoying the charm of a virgin beach, you can find small shops dedicated to crafts, with elements made of wood and other natural materials from the area. A good opportunity to get souvenirs such as carved wooden figures or handmade baskets.

It is also interesting to visit these workshops, and watch the artisans creating their pieces live. A more than interesting experience that complements the excursion to Miches.

Miches, a tourist corner with great potential

The truth is that Miches is a true paradise for tourists looking for something authentic. The irregularity of its coasts, the length of the beaches and the fact that they are considered to be among the best on the entire island make it a tourist destination for everyone.

In addition, Miches stands out for its commitment to sustainable tourism, which combines an excellent communications network and services, such as roads to get there easily. There are also a good number of local businesses, which maintain an authentic and unique flavor. Without a doubt, Miches is a place that will not leave you indifferent, especially if what you are looking for is to enjoy the Caribbean in its wildest state.

Miches Dominican republic

How to get to Miches?

To get to Miches from the Puna Cana Airport, all you have to do is take highway 105 and continue on highway 104 to Miches. If you are in Sabana de la Mar, there is a road that directly connects these two towns. From Santo Domingo there is also good communication by road, because, as we have mentioned before, Miches is very well connected no matter where you are.

On this map we show you the location of Miches, so you can organize your route from wherever you are. With our private transport service you can go there and experience firsthand all the adventure that this unique paradise offers you.

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