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Golf La Romana

One of the best golf courses in the entire Caribbean is located in the Dominican Republic. PGA Ocean's 4, in conjunction with Bahia Principe Golf, is an 18-holes course that was built in 2017, and encompasses a much greater experience. Academy, pitch and putt course, clubhouse and many more condiments that make it the best place to practice this sport.

In association with JackCana Tours, we bring you an unique activity to that 18 holes golf course so you can enjoy one or more sportive days, in which the biggest challenge will be against the par 72 of this course associated with the PGA.

Where is PGA Ocean's 4 Golf?

PGA Ocean's 4 is located in the East side of the Dominican Republic, next to the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by a thick tropical forest.

30 kilometers from the famous tourist resort of La Romana, it is one of the best locations for a golf course. It is also equidistant from Santo Domingo, the capital of the country, and Punta Cana, famous tourist spot in the Caribbean. Both towns are 100 kilometers apart but very well connected on the map.

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Duration of excursion: 6 hours

Departure time: 07:30 a.m. / 02:00 p.m.

Hotel pick-up

Every day

Field schedules for the different rates

The PGA Ocean's 4 golf course is associated with different schedules depending on the rate chosen by the client.

18 Holes Championship Course

07:30 a.m
01:30 p.m

Twilight 18 Holes

02:00 p.m
06:00 p.m

Unlimited Golf (7 días)

07:30 a.m
06:00 p.m

Pack 3 Rounds 18 Holes

07:30 a.m
06:00 p.m

Enjoy all services

PGA Ocean's 4 has all the services of a modern golf course. Its facilities are brand new, as it was inaugurated in 2017.

The entrance gate is the Clubhouse, a meeting point for golfers starts or end their day of sport. Its 4,200 square meters in Victorian style have a store, restaurant, bar and social area to enjoy a gastronomic experience or simply relax after having made the tour of the course.

Swing and putt training is essential in this sport, and that is why PGA Ocean's 4 has a driving range with more than 50 putting stations and a length of 300 yards, with bunkers, chipping green and putting green.

All this is located within walking distance of the Club House, where you can also ask about classes at the academy of the course, where you can improve with professionals who will increase your skills in this sport.

Another attraction of the enclosure is its 9-hole par 3 pitch and putt course, a course where visitors can improve their short game and putting.

Partnership with PGA

The Professional Golf Association is one of the most important sports organizations in the world, has been associated with Bahía Príncipe Golf since its beginnings. As a result, even the name of the course bears the initials of this association, which makes it a standard of quality for golfers.

Several international and national tournaments have been played at the PGA Ocean's 4, which shows the importance of its 18-hole course.

Design of the PGA Ocean's 4

The most relevant point of PGA Ocean's 4 is its 18-hole, par 72 course. Designed by the company Mavericks Golf, one of the most prestigious in the international panorama, its course enjoys a mixture of landscaping and unique playing styles.

The 18 holes are located next to the bay of Playa Nueva Romana, so we will have the Caribbean on one side and play over large cliffs.

On the other side, we find a forest that mixes palm trees, mangroves and tropical trees unique to this part of the world.

And everything is special in PGA Ocean's 4, as it mixes 4 types of course in one. Holes 2, 3 and 4 are made in the Parkland style, where you will find obstacles such as lakes and waterfalls that will test your golfing level.

On holes 9 and 18, by the sea, a game similar to the Scottish Links is played, in which the sea breeze has a notable influence, as the Caribbean is very close by.

The landscape changes again on holes 11, 14 and 15, with large sandy areas and rocks that will make you feel like you are in the desert.

The grass, always in optimal condition thanks to its maintenance, mixes clean sections of fairbanks with rough that will make even the most experienced golfers lose their heads. And it is that more complicated the course, the more intense our golf day will be. Even so, we hope that you will find a par on your card at the end of the day, or even if you have had the chance to make a birdie, you will be under par.

But don't worry, even if you are an amateur, you will be able to enjoy a good day of golf, since your handicap will help you to try to make the round with less strokes than normal.

The 18 holes of the club

If you want to know each of the field routes to have more information about the activity, we leave it below.

Hole 1

The course begins with a par 4 of 460 yards on the black tee and handicap 15, with a clear shot in which you will have to avoid the bunkers located on the right side of the fairway.

The second shot, the arrival to the green, however, will be on the right to avoid the bunker on the left.

Hole 2

442 yards separate the black tee from the hole on this par 4 handicap 3. This handicap is due to the fact that here we find a lake on the left that turns the hole into a dog-leg style.

A driver too long will take you straight into the rough, while a short one will leave you a long way from the flag. Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable holes on the course.
hoyo 2 pga oceans la romana dominican republic

Hole 3

This handicap 13 is deceptive, because the shot is to an island in the middle of the lake 175 yards from the black tee where we will have to tune up a lot with the irons.

After the first stroke, and if you have not been lucky enough to get a hole in one, you will have to tune up with the putter to get a birdie on this beautiful hole.
hoyo 3 la romana golf

Hole 4

We continue with the lake as the main obstacle, and the fact is that 239 meters separate the black tee from the fairway with water in between. Therefore, this hole is a handicap 5. In addition, two bunkers to the left of the green make the second shot very difficult.

To enjoy the scenery, you can see a waterfall that fills the lake just behind the green.
Hoyo 4 golf la romana pga oceans

Hole 5

This handicap 9 is the first par 5 of the course. 575 yards separate the black tee from the green, which only the best hitters will be able to make in only 2 strokes to try for an eagle.

With a dog-leg to the left, the stroke before putting must be very precise, because behind the green we find the lake again.
Hoyo 5 Golf La Romana Oceans PGA

Hole 6

We return to one of the easiest par 4's of the course, since its handicap is 17,428 yards that require an accurate drive to the fairway, and then an easy shot to the green that can improve our score.

The most interesting thing about this hole is its location, as it is surrounded by thick tropical jungle.
golf hole 6 pga oceans la romana

Hole 7

On the edge of the Caribbean, this par 3 handicap 7 is reminiscent of the links style courses near the sea in Great Britain.

The defense of a bunker before the green is an obstacle that makes it difficult to hit a clear shot, so you will have to be very precise to avoid a boogie on this hole.
Hole 7 pga oceans golf la romana

Hole 8

We reach the high point of the course, which is marked by the handicap 1 of this hole. Being the most difficult PGA Ocean's 4, there are two branches in its fairway, which we can choose to go to the green in the shape of 8 with our ball.

If you choose to go right, you will find a cliff that cuts the hole in two, while if you go right, the last shot will be longer.

Pure strategy in the 549 yards of this beautiful hole.
hole 8 pga oceans la romana

Hole 9

6 bunkers defend the fairway of this 11 handicap par 4.

If you have a good drive, they will separate you a few meters from the green, so you have to be very precise to avoid the sand.

A hole that requires a lot of precision in each of the shots.
hole 9 golf la romana oceans pga bahía

Hole 10

The easiest hole on the course is this par 4 of 431 yards.

Being a handicap 18, it is a perfect opportunity to improve our final score, trying to get a birdie on the wide green of this hole.
hole 10 golf la romana oceans pga

Hole 11

Handicap 12 is this deceptive hole, as this par 4 offers two possibilities. Two fairways left and right are the options.

If we have a drive of more than 200 yards, we can look for the fast track, while if we are not great hitters we can use the right side and then look for the green at a longer distance.
Hole 11 pga oceans golf la romana

Hole 12

We again have a lake that forms a dog-leg to the left on this 530-yard par 5. Being accurate, we can stay with a third shot of 100 yards to the green, with the possibility of a birdie.

But remember that this is the course's 2nd handicap hole, so we'd better make sure we get to the last putt alive.
Hole 12 golf la romana pga oceans

Hole 13

233 yards to reach the green of this par 3.

Being a 6 handicap, it will not be easy to get to the hole.

Two bunkers protect the green, so we will have to try to avoid them in a long shot that is not easy at all.
hole 13 oceans pga la romana club

Hole 14

Handicap 16 for this par 4 that looks easy, but is divided by 4 bunkers in its central part.

If you need a good drive, you will be separated by a good iron shot to reach a large green.
hole 14 pga oceans la romana golf club

Hole 15

We will begin to glimpse rocks on this par 4, handicap 14.

This desert style hole, with a good drive, is a piece of cake, since the second shot is to a higher green that you will be able to calibrate perfectly.
Hole 15 pga oceans la romana golf club

Hole 16

This par 3 is the most difficult of the course, being a 4,190 yard handicap that you will have to nail to stay on the green, which is wedged between the Caribbean and some bunkers in front of it.

Undoubtedly, the hole that will mark the final result of your card.
hole 16 pga oceans club golf

Hole 17

Handicap 8 is this par 4 of 457 yards. With the sea on the left, we will have to hit a drive to a wide fairway.

The second shot is the most difficult, since we must hit it to an 8-shaped green surrounded by rock and a strategically placed bunker.
Hole 17 pga oceans la romana golf club

Hole 18

To finish the course we have this par 5 of handicap 10.

We will have to play between the narrowest and widest parts of the fairway, with precise shots that can easily lead us to the green.

From here, it's time to go to the nearby clubhouse to check our card and see how the day has gone.
Hole 18 golf la romana club

Undoubtedly, a perfect circuit for golf lovers, which mixes 4 landscapes in a single course with very different holes.

What is included in this golf day

In this excursion to PGA Ocean's 4 is included:

  • 18-holes green fee.
  • Electric vehicles and buggies.
  • Transfer to the golf course.

The price does not include:

  • Equipment such as golf clubs and balls. (You can rent them at the Club House).
  • Caddy.


For people who want to enjoy this fantastic activity in La Romana, we recommend you go with the following:

  • Appropriate clothing for the golf club.
  • Sunscreen, as the weather is usually sunny.
  • Eager to live an exceptional day of golf surrounded by fantastic environment and views.
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