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Arroyo Frio Canyon in Jamao

A canyon to enjoy nature

In the north of the Dominican Republic there is a well kept secret. Beyond the tranquility of the beaches of Punta Cana or La Romana, today we want to propose an adventure that you will never forget.

That secret is called Arroyo Frio, near the town of Jamao to the north, a canyon where the course of the Yasica River has formed waterfalls and pools perfect for canyoning. So let's go to the heart of the Dominican jungle to enjoy a day of pure adrenaline.

What awaits you in Arroyo Frio?

Arroyo Frio is a 3.5 kilometer canyon located in the north of the Dominican Republic. An area dominated by a thick tropical rainforest, the green mixes with the blue waters of the Yasica River to form a unique landscape. The 18 waterfalls and 60 lagoons that can be explored at the bottom of the canyon invite visitors to go canyoning in a unique environment, where the vault formed by the trees of the forest will accompany you throughout the journey.

This safari-like adventure is not for everyone. And beyond the walking tour, you will have to jump into pools of water from a few meters high to reach the end point. But don't worry, during the whole tour you will be accompanied by certified guides who will make the adventure totally safe. They will also be in charge of providing you with life jackets and protective helmets. Just worry about enjoying the pure nature and landscapes that you can only find in places as far away from civilization as these.

The excursion begins in Arroyo el Gato, in a 3.5 kilometer course that lasts approximately 6 hours, and culminates in the community of Las Espinas. This canyoning route is one of the longest in the country, so if you are a fan of this sport you will leave the Dominican Republic with a very good taste in your mouth.

In addition, the Espaillat region is one of the best for any other adventure sport, as it has rafting, kayaking, hiking or canyoning routes. A good option is to stay near the Yasica River, where all these types of adventure activities are concentrated.

Tips to go to Arroyo Frio Waterfalls

Although the excursion will provide you with a large number of items to ensure your safety, it is important that you follow some tips to take the experience to the next level.

The first is to wear appropriate footwear. These canyoning activities are usually done on a river bed where the rocks at the bottom can be a headache if you are not wearing the right footwear. That is why we recommend that you wear good booties so that water and rocks are not a problem, or, failing that, breathable tennis shoes that can dry quickly.

On the other hand, depending on who you hire the excursion with, you will be provided with a bathing suit suitable for the cold waters of the river. The name Arroyo Frio is not random. Ask before the excursion if you need to bring your bathing suit. In case you don't have it included, ask at your hotel or look for a place to rent it. In the big resorts there are usually no problems, although in the town of Jamao they probably also have suits for rent, as they are used to people going to do this activity in the area.

It is also advisable to bring sunscreen, because, although the jungle trees usually cover the riverbed, in the hours when the sun is at its zenith some rays may filter through the vegetation.

If you have an aquatic camera, we also recommend you to bring it, since the landscape between mountains, jungle and water is perfect to practice photography in a unique environment.

How to get to the Arroyo Frío Canyon?

The location of the Arroyo Frio Canyon can be found in the north of the Dominican Republic on the map, in the province of Espaillat.

The closest town to the canyon is Jamao al Norte, which is about 3 hours by car from Santo Domingo, and about 5 hours from Punta Cana. It is best to do it by private transport, as the town is small and public transport is usually quite difficult.

From there, a truck will take you to the start of the excursion at El Gato stream, where after 6 hours of hiking you will end up in the community of Las Espinas.  If you want more information about the excursion, please contact us.

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