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Cola de Pato, a virgin Dominican natural area

A treasure of nature that will surprise you

Much of the tourism that arrives in the Dominican Republic prefers to stay in their resorts or hotels in Punta Cana, enjoying the Caribbean beaches. And it's not that it's a bad plan, but discovering each hidden natural treasure of the country's geography is something that amazes every person who dares to go on an adventure.

For this reason, today we want to transport you to the center of the jungle, to discover a pool of crystal clear waters in the middle of the mountains of the province of Espaillat known as "Cola de Pato".

What is Cola de Pato?

Cola de Pato is a natural area of great beauty that is lost in the middle of the virgin jungle of the Dominican Republic.

It is a natural pool sandwiched between high canyons, which with its blue waters contrasts with the greenery of the vegetation that covers the area. This pool was formed thanks to the waters of the river, which fall to it in the form of a waterfall, adding an even more exotic point to the place.

The fact that it is a place of difficult access causes two things. The first thing is that when we arrive at Cola de Pato we will be practically alone in this dream place, where we can take a bath to complete the experience. The second thing is that nature is totally wild and virgin at this point, since human action has been practically nil between the canyons that form Cola de Pato.

Excursion to Cola de Pato

As we have already mentioned, the excursion to Cola de Pato is highly difficult, due to the fact that it is a 10-kilometre-long path that first requires climbing a high mountain. That is why you will need to be in good physical condition to be able to reach Cola de Pato.

Along the way we will also find different puddles in which there are jumps of up to 10 meters high. Without a doubt, this is an excursion for the most adventurous, who will see their effort rewarded once they see the incredible landscape that forms Cola de Pato.

Tips for going to Cola de Pato

Cola de Pato is an arduous excursion that is well worth doing. That is why we must follow a series of recommendations so that the hiking route is much more enjoyable.

The first of these is that we wear comfortable shoes, since the walk to the place is very long and, in addition, we will have to jump over wet rocks without slipping. Once we arrive at Cola de Pato, it doesn't hurt that we have brought some booties to be able to step on the bottom of the natural pool with our feet.

Another good recommendation is to wear a good sunscreen, since on the hottest days we may feel the sun's rays in excess. It is also a good option to wear sunglasses that protect our sight, as well as a cap or hat.

What is vital is not to litter along the way or at the destination, because it is everyone's business to preserve this beautiful natural environment that makes up Cola de Pato and its surroundings.

How to get to Cola de Pato?

Getting to Cola de Pato is difficult if we talk about walking, but not so much if we talk about getting to the point where the trail begins.

Cola de Pato is located within the province of Espaillat, in the north of the Dominican Republic. Exactly, we must go along route 21, which joins the towns of Moca and Jamao to the north. Our destination to start walking towards Cola de Pato is halfway.

If you want to go from anywhere in the Dominican Republic to the start of the hiking trail, we recommend using private transportation, since getting to these places on our own is very complicated.

In addition, given the difficulty of the excursion, we recommend that you do it with a professional guide. If you want more information about tours to Cola de Pato, get in touch with us.

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