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Punta Cana Safari

Enjoy the best safari in Punta Cana

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Punta Cana Safari Excursion

The Dominican countryside has great fauna and flora, and there is nothing better than touring in a safari-style vehicle to get to know it. During this guided tour you will learn about the Dominican Republic's coffee, cocoa and sugar cane plantations, taste local produce in HigĂĽey and enjoy a typical Dominican lunch.

Meeting a local family is one of the most authentic experiences on the island. You will have coffee with them and learn about the way of life in the Dominican countryside. In addition, you will visit the ranches in the Dominican mountains, swim in the Anamuya River and visit some of the most important farms in the country.

Here you can taste authentic sugar cane, smoke local handmade cigars or relax on the white sandy beach of Macao, one of the most impressive beaches in the Dominican Republic, all in one excursion!

Why you can't miss this activity?

Comfort is assured. It is not every day that you will be picked up at your hotel with a 4x4 to go deep into the Dominican jungle.

Meet a local family

Many tourists who visit Punta Cana see only the most distorted reality of what the Dominican Republic is like.

The first stop of this activity is a rural village, where you will meet a local family. Everyday things like watching the children go to school or learning about the typical dishes will allow you to understand the reality of this country.

From the village to the city

Mounted on the Jeep we will arrive at the beautiful city of HigĂĽey, to know the contrast between a small town and a big Dominican city.

The movement of this city of almost 300,000 inhabitants is incessant. You will be able to see firsthand a place of worship essential to understand Christianity, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Altagracia.

Rancho Valencia, craftsmanship and tradition

There is another part of the island, more linked to the interior of the jungle. In Rancho Valencia you will see how many of the Taino handicrafts, typical of the country, are made.
👉  From $70

Duration of excursion: Full day

Departure time: 08:10 am approximately

Hotel pick up

Every day


Depending on the hotel where you are staying we will pick you up around 8:10 a.m. to start our jeep tour into the Dominican jungle.

We will first visit a children's school to learn how and in what conditions Dominican children study in rural areas. After this beautiful experience, we will head towards the sugar cane, coffee and cocoa plantations. Here you will learn about the economic importance of this sector in the Dominican Republic, as they are the most extensive crops in the country.

From the rural areas we continue our route to the urban areas, heading to the city of Higüey to visit the cathedral of Nuestra Señora de Altagracia, completed in 1971.

Once the visit to the basilica is over, we will take you to Rancho Valencia to get to know the real handicrafts of this region. In addition, you can take a horseback ride through the ranch to learn about all the activities that take place there. This is the best place if you want to buy a souvenir of this excursion, be it rum, cigars, coffee or much more.

Here you will also learn how coconut oil and coconut milk are produced, as this ranch has a large extension of palm groves. To end our visit to the ranch in the best way, nothing better than a pleasant swim in the Anamuya River.

Finally, and in case you still feel like taking a dip, we will go to the wild Macao Beach or the Yonu River, depending on the weather. Both are great places for sightseeing, but we are sure that either one will amaze you.

What is included in this tour?

  • Pick up and transfers with 4x4.
  • Coffee and cocoa tasting.
  • Meals and drinks (water, soft drinks, local rum and beer).
  • Professional multilingual guide.

The Safari excursion in Punta Cana is not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women.
  • People with back problems.
  • People with mobility problems.

Recommendations before the excursion:

We will provide everything you need to be comfortable, but we still recommend the following to fully enjoy the tour:

  • Take your time to have a good breakfast before the tour.
  • Bring sunscreen and use it, especially on Macao beach.
  • Bring insect repellent.
  • Bring a hat to protect you from the sun and an extra T-shirt.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water during the excursion.
  • Bring a bathing suit and a towel for the beach, as well as water shoes if you have them (you can change at the ranch, before going to the beach).
  • Bring a camera to take great pictures.
  • Don't forget to bring pesos in cash in case you want to buy one or more bottles of rum, products or souvenirs with local offers.
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