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Excursions in Punta Cana with children

The best activities for the whole family
The Dominican Republic is, as you can imagine, synonymous with fun. Group, couple or family trips are increasingly frequent to places like Punta Cana, La Romana or Macao where you can enjoy the beaches and the good weather of the Caribbean.

If you want to travel with your family and children, your day to day should be full of activities to have hours and hours of fun, since with the pools of the resorts it will not be enough for the little ones to satisfy their desire to have fun.

Horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, visiting virgin beaches or snorkeling are some of the many proposals that this island offers us, which we will now discover.

8 tours in Punta Cana recommended for the youngest

The Dominican Republic is one of the destinations that has best known how to adapt over the years to the arrival of tourists from all over the world. Punta Cana is the quintessential place for tourism in the country with a large number of hotels, restaurants and various services that are completed with a wide variety of leisure offers.

We invite you, through this post, to know the 8 most recommended tours and experiences for parents and children in Punta Cana.


Fishing is one of the activities that has brought parents and children the most together for years. Punta Cana has fantastic places to cast the rod and catch fish of all sizes and species in the middle of the Atlantic nature, such as Cap Cana and Cabeza de Toro. We have two options to do this tour:

Group fishing: this tour will transport you by boat to the open sea to capture some of the most impressive species of Dominican waters such as Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Dorados, ... The excursion lasts 4 hours where you will be accompanied by our professional crew.

The smallest of the house will have a great time with the fishing rod!

Valid for up to 7 people at the same time.

Private fishing: the Premium experience to enjoy deep-sea fishing with the family. It lasts 7 hours that includes drinks, instruction by the crew and professional fishing equipment, to which is added the fact of having the entire boat available for the group of people who carry out this activity.

Saona Island

To the southeast of the Dominican Republic is the Cotubanamá National Park where there is a beautiful island, called Saona. Visiting the island is one of the most reserved tours with children in Punta Cana.

The possibility of snorkeling in turquoise waters to enjoy reefs and different marine species make this one of the most special experiences for tourists.

It can be done in two different ways:

Saona Island: with a capacity of up to 20 people, this tour lasts approximately 10 hours. It is a perfect excursion for the youngest, since they can do activities such as snorkeling, diving and contemplate a large number of marine species, among them, the beautiful starfish.

Saona Island VIP: this excursion adds to the experience the visit to many more places of interest by eliminating the long catamaran transfer. It lasts about 10 hours, in which you can enjoy the Sea Turtle Sanctuary in the town of Mano Juan, the coral reefs and kilometer-long beaches.

In addition, this tour includes a visit to El Canto de la Playa, an exclusive and inaccessible beach by catamaran, and in which the little ones will enjoy for hours.

Horse ride

Nature is one of the main attractions of Punta Cana. And of course, adventure activities with animals are essential for children and not so young to enjoy.

On the back of a horse, you can cross the Uvero Alto beachfront with your children for 1 or 2 hours. All this accompanied by professional guides that will make this an unforgettable experience.
horse riding with kids in Punta Cana
In this link you can go to our horse experience for children.

Santo Domingo Tour

The most important cultural experience in the Dominican Republic is a visit to its capital, Santo Domingo. Although a priori it may seem like an activity not highly recommended to do with children, the truth is that most end up having a great time in a city that has a lot of interest.

The Santo Domingo Tour includes a visit to the first cathedral and the first castle in America, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also includes a tasting of typical Dominican dishes, as well as an excursion to the Colón Lighthouse and the Tres Ojos National Park.

In all these places you will be able to delight yourself with the cultural mark that the colonizers' passage through Dominican lands represented.


How about putting your family on the four wheels of a buggie and enjoying the paradisiacal landscapes of our country?

Although it may seem an inappropriate activity for children, the truth is that it is very safe, thanks to the measures that we put inside the vehicle. The belt, the helmet and the glasses will be essential elements in this activity where the whole family will release all the adrenaline they have saved.

This tour can be booked from this link.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island National Park is another outstanding destination in the Dominican Republic, as well as a perfect option to do with young people and teenagers.

With only 15 square kilometers of surface, its main attraction is its totally virgin beaches, where you can enjoy snorkeling or diving.

There are 2 tours to Catalina Island:

Catalina Island Tour: an 8-hour tour to enjoy the eastern, western and northern beaches. Includes drink throughout the catamaran trip, as well as a free buffet lunch to eat and taste typical Dominican food.

Catalina VIP Tour with Altos de Chavón: This 7-hour tour not only includes a visit to Santa Catalina, but also offers the exclusive possibility of visiting Altos de Chavón. This town located in La Romana has a Mediterranean-style villa intact at the foot of the Chavón River. In addition, the visit includes a cultural touch, since scenes from the movie Apocalypse Now were recorded in the waters of the river.

Catalina Island with kids and children

Scuba Doo

Touring the seabed of the Dominican coast is possible thanks to our water scooters. Your whole family, including the little ones, can be in contact with the marine environment. And if you think that piloting the Scuba Doo is complicated, you are wrong, since thanks to a lever you can easily navigate the seabed.

This activity will take place in the area known as "El Niño", the official diving point of the Dominican coasts, where you will be accompanied, at all times, by a monitor ensuring safety on the excursion.

To do Scuba Doo with your children you can do it from here.

Swimming with dolphins

And we return to an experience with animals, but this time aquatic. Swimming with dolphins is always a dream for children, and Punta Cana is the perfect place for it. Accompanied by the trainers, the dolphins will play and interact with the smallest of the house.

What can you do in the Caribbean with children?

The Caribbean is a paradise on Earth that not only the elderly can enjoy. Going on excursions in Punta Cana with children can fill your memories with wonderful experiences and adventures, so if you are considering visiting or are in the Dominican Republic with minors, our answer is that you do it without thinking about it.

Not only can you delight in the wonderful beaches of the Dominican east, but you can also visit water parks with slides, go horseback riding, enjoy dolphins and endless activities to complete an unforgettable vacation.

With which tour operator to hire these activities?

Although there are other options to book tours with children in Punta Cana, JackCana Tours is a company that has been dedicated to it since 2016 in a professional way.

With the help of Jackson Clerge and his qualified team, success on these excursions is guaranteed.

From what age can children do these activities?

Most of the excursions in this article have no age limit, although some of them, such as horseback riding, are only suitable for children over 7 years of age.

Tours such as Isla Catalina or Isla Saona are perfect to do with children of any age.
kids jumping in punta cana beach

Are excursions safe for children?

Excursions in Punta Cana are 100% safe for all families, as they include insurance and pick up at the hotels and return to them at night to enjoy the experiences in a comfortable, fun and reliable way.

In addition, the company of guides and professionals at all times adds a security plus to the activities carried out with our agency.

Some of the advice we can give you is that to all excursions you should bring a beach towel, sunglasses, cash, a cap and sunscreen, to enjoy the experience in the best possible conditions.

What prices do these excursions have?

JackCana Tours' cheapest tours don't go as high as $60, and sometimes include lower priced deals.

Others cost more money due to the large amount of resources that must be dedicated. However, they are still some of the best prices in the Dominican Republic.
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